Eugene Ligotti

Gene Ligotti was educated at Adelphi University and received his doctorate at New York University. After coming down with Rheumatoid Arthritis, he had to give up his successful thirty year practice of Dentistry in Huntington, New York. He began writing as merely something to do, but it soon became a driving force.

As a freelance writer, for an upstate magazine, he wrote a monthly column about the history of the villages of the Catskill Mountains and the romantic Hudson River. His acclaimed articles on Dentistry have been published in various dental journals.

Ligotti lives in Smithtown, New York with his wife Corbina, where they can be close to their children; daughters Gina and Lisa and their three grandchildren: grandson, Gino and twin granddaughters, Gabrielle and Juliette.


Published Works:

Incredible Deception

Identical twins… the idea alone stirs unique thoughts of something special because identical twins are exceptional in this complicated world of ours. Originally designated to be one person, the original cell splits and two separate, but identical human beings were the result. Identical in appearance, but are they identical in their mind, heart and soul? Certainly nature vs. nurturing comes into play, but really, deep down, how alike are they? Although the initial setting for this story is the Catskill Mountains in New York, Ligotti takes you to the big cities of New York City, New Orleans and Houston and then on to an Afghanistan war zone before returning you to where it all started, a horse farm in the Catskill Mountains. This story is about identical twins who part company in their late teens and live separate and different lives. Will the way they live change the way they think and act or was it predetermined by genetics? How far apart from their 'oneness' will they be taken? Incredible Deception will guide you through each of their separate lives and then bring them together in a spell binding and dramatic conclusion where one twin forces himself to return to the home he hated and to a woman… his wife… that he doesn't know. It's a must read for those who love a love story and readers of suspense thrillers.


Accomplice is another of Ligotti's long line of suspense filled novels. In this mystery the author challenges the reader to discover which of several men is the true serial killer. Ligotti offers dead ends and red herrings as well as real and false clues. When a serial killer is almost caught by the police, he wonders where he went wrong in his planning. Claiming to be a novice writer, the killer writes to a best selling mystery author, whose killer always escapes capture, requesting assistance in writing his book. The author advises the killer and soon realizes that the writer is now the killer's accomplice. Who is the serial killer? One of the author's friends or a stranger? At the peak of suspense… the author becomes the killers' prey. This is another of Ligotti's 'can't put it down' page turners. Suspense and excitement prevail as the characters you will learn to care for are constantly put in danger; all leading to a spine chilling ending. For readers of mysteries and suspense thrillers, this is a must read.

Fatal Flaw

Fatal Flaw is a suspense filled novel of love and intrigue. George Clayton is a lawyer who finds himself embroiled in a difficult situation. Having discovered that his law firm is involved in criminal activities, and that the criminals are after him, he decides to run. Taking with him something the firm values, he knows they will not stop searching for him. George's daughter, Cassandra, becomes involved in the search to clear her father's name and to bring the criminals to justice. A page turner, it will be difficult to put this novel down. Suspense and excitement prevail especially in part three when the life of the heroine literally hangs by a thread. For readers of suspense thrillers, it is a must read. Published 2013, Xlibris.

Ultimate Betrayal

Ultimate Betrayal is an all-consuming desire for revenge and a love that wouldn't die. Ryce Traden works on a fishing boat in Montauk. His dream; to own his own boat and marry Taylor Banning. Wesley, his best friend, also wants Taylor. The need for money to buy a boat sets factors exploding into the novel's driving force. Ryce goes out beyond the 12 mile limit and buys drugs thinking they are just knock-offs. A judge and a lawyer, protecting their smuggling ring, put Ryce in prison and tell everyone that he died at sea. Years later, Ryce escapes and plans his revenge against all those who betrayed him. Published 2011, Xlibris.


Reversal is the unique tale of an undying love set upon the tapestry of genetic bio-technical advancements. In the world of pharmaceutical cosmetics, every company strives to find the fountain of youth for women. They never dream their endeavors will achieve a complete reversal to the woman's own youth. In Reversal, Contessa Industries finds a phenomenal formula that causes an amazing transformation. A sixty-four year old woman truly reverses into the beautiful thirty-two year old she once was. The reader goes on an emotional roller coaster of mystery where he/she will question the value of immortality against a normal life filled with love and happiness. Published 2007, Xlibris.

Time Never Heals

Time Never Heals is the story of Dr. Frank Lunati, the first battalion Surgeon of the 2/5th 1st Cavalry in Vietnam. This is the story of his tour of duty, the battles, the causalities and deaths, along with all his thoughts and feelings. He relives in vivid detail the search and destroy missions, the battles of Happy Valley, Ia Drang, and Bong Son. He takes you with him as he ships out and travels to Vietnam and lives through a horrendous year. You will experience the battles with him; meet the friends he made and those he lost. This story brings 'Nam to you in a way you will never forget. Published 2003, Xlibris.


Suppressed is the strange and puzzling tale of Richard Markham, a New York City Police Captain in the Homicide Dept. Early in the investigation of the brutal murders of young beautiful women, Markham comes to believe he is the killer he is searching for. This Psycho-analytical suspense thriller, with its various twists and turns, will keep the reader guessing until the final suspense packed ending. Published 2002, Xlibris.

The Third Woman

The Third Woman is an unusual murder mystery challenging the reader with many twists and turns. This true page turner is set on the fabled 'Gold Coast' of Long island. The main character, a dentist, (an area the author is thoroughly familiar with) is accused of the murder of a man with whom his ex-wife was having an affair. Published 2000, Xlibris.

Dark Eagle

Dark Eagle (Third in the Trilogy): Benedict Arnold was our greatest patriot and most beloved hero and today his name is synonymous with treason. What factors could radically change a man's heart and soul? This is that true story of the years that made Arnold a revered patriot-hero and those that created the despised traitor. Published 2000, Xlibris.

Swamp Fox

Swamp Fox (Second of a Trilogy) is the story of a man who sacrifices all for his country during the revolutionary War. With his charisma and patriotism he rallies freedom fighters into a small effective force. Using guerrilla tactics, he hits the enemy and disappears into the dangerous southern swamps. Published 2000, Xlibris.

The Youngest Patriot

The Youngest Patriot is the story of the coming of age of a young boy set against the turmoil of the American Revolution during the British occupation of Long Island. Elijah Churchill defies his father and joins the Continental Army at age 13. The story culminates with Elijah as first recipient of the Purple Heart. Published 2000, Xlibris.

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