Meg Harper Lawrence

I have published articles in Newsday, The New York Times, and The Long-Islander. I am the mother of five adult children, and the grandmother of seven. I am married to a New Zealander, and live on Long Island, where I run Poems to Order, a home-based business. I write articles for a newsletter for a community group, am active in my church as a ruling elder, and am an alto in our church choir. I frequently travel, visiting stepsons and their families in New Zealand and in England, and our other children in the U.S.


Published Works:

A Balm In Gilead

14 year old girl has 4 members of her family suffer unexpected deaths. Condemned by guardians who think she is responsible, she is exiled from NZ to live with relatives in America. A parallel story concerns a young boy sent to America to live because of family problems. Maxie's journey to self-acceptance and forgiveness is further complicated when she meets the son of her mother's murderer. Colin and Maxie must eventually come to terms with the truth, and both will learn that through love, healing can begin.

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