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Laurie Albano

Laurie has been a Long Islander most of her life, living and working in various towns in Nassau County. She's a graduate of Nassau Community College and has dabbled in writing since 2000—mostly fan fiction for herself and other like-minded fans—but ended up completing two novels between 2004-2008.

The first, a paranormal romance entitled LUNAR MOURNING, won Brighid's Fire Books' annual fiction manuscript contest in 2007; and as a result of winning the grand prize, her novel was published in April 2010.

Her second novel entitled OF SHARKS AND MEN, which she is currently seeking a literary agent for, is more grounded in reality but adheres to the romance genre. This work concerns bitter, divorcee Trisha Roberts, who unwittingly and reluctantly meets the man of her dreams, a great white shark researcher, while vacationing in picturesque Cape Town, South Africa. Though fiction, the novel was a labor of love for Laurie (she has been an ardent supporter of sharks since early childhood) as it also explores the very real, very cruel practice of shark finning, which has left all shark species on the brink of extinction today.

In her spare time she's all about writing (working on her third novel, a sequel to OF SHARKS with ideas for two other novels churning in her head), television, film, reading, cooking, organic and healthy foods, wine, the New York Mets, sharks and shark conservation, animals, recycling, and environmental issues.

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LUNAR MOURNING follows the life and struggles of Rebecca Talbot, a very human, lovably flawed werewolf who wants more than anything to find a cure for the cursed condition that rules her very being. She has her work cut out for her, as she searches desperately for medical professionals who don't believe she's certifiable while fending off the attempts of her ballsy best friend, Angel, to find her the guy of her dreams. And when Angel introduces NYPD cop Jeremy into her life—a man with whom, unknown to them both, Rebecca already shares a tragic secret connection—things just get more tragic and complicated than before.

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