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Vito Gentile

During his near fifty-year writing career, Vito Gentile has written more than thirty plays, screenplays, and teleplays, as well as non-fiction books, numerous articles for periodicals, textbooks, and seventeen (and counting) volumes of poetry. Vito has worked in both the United States and England.

He also taught dramatic writing at New York University for several years. At present he is working on a musical, The Ghost on St. Martin's Street with the Emmy award-winning composer, John Lunn for his work on Downton Abbey. Also in the works is, Fifty Poems About Spring, which will be out spring 2014.

Here's what some of the critics have said about his works…

"If you don't recognize the characters here you have probably been hanging around the wrong people… their ethnicity runs a distant second to their universality; their appeal is their humanity."—New York Times

"The playwright has endowed his characters with such believable and undeniable recognizable human qualities that they become automatically interesting, and instantly snare audience involvement."—Variety

"An excellent study of Brooklyn Italian mores and character. It is apparent that he is familiar with his subject; the lines are real and quite funny and the characters are extremely well drawn. Gentile has created a small serio/comic gem."—Brooklyn Daily Bulletin

Published Works:

Fifty Poems About Spring

For close to sixty years Vito Gentile has been writing poetry with insight and passion, and most fervently when he is writing about spring. As a child he would get depressed at the prospect of returning to school every September. However, when his schooling was finally behind him he would still get depressed in September, and realized that it was the oncoming autumn darkness that upset him. From that day on he has made the first day of spring his personal holiday. To honor and celebrate that day, each year he writes a spring poem and sends it out to family and friends all around the globe.

If you're tired of winter, of walking in circles inside your home, of feeling muffled by your heavy overcoat, and need something to perk up your spirits and heart, this collection is for you… The snow had fallen, the flakes were silent, the wind was not!, Who says old trees can't bud—Who says a young bird won't romp in an old tree!, I need green, budding plants, and short pants - where the hell is spring?!, There I stood - waiting like a daffodil…, Toss off those gloves hiding your heart…, Eggs under birds on beds of brown straw stir - Tweet, tweet…

Other works by the author in print are: Fifty Poems About Christmas, Little Christmas a childhood memoir, and Amidst the Gladiolas a drama with stinging wit made to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Publisher August First Arts, 2014

Fifty Poems About Christmas

Vito Gentile has been writing Christmas poems for almost fifty years and sending them out to family and friends for over forty. Finally, here's the collection! His poems delight in the joys of Christmas from unique angles. From Christmas rides a city bus…, A camel and a star stood on the side of a cellophane hill…, Sail away towards the furthermost star…, to … a trillion tin angels sing Adeste Fideles!, Gentile conjures up countless realities. His novel approach to the holiday season will lift your spirits with smiles and warmhearted tears. …Christmas memories, be they here, or gone, or yet to come!

Publisher August First Arts, 2012.

Little Christmas

This book describes a journey back in time, from a mystical encounter in present-day London, to the mayhem of a traditional 1950s Brooklyn/Italian Christmas. Vito Gentile has a way of weaving humor and pathos, sometimes within a single sentence that explodes on the page in the best of warmhearted holiday ways. He has been enthralling readers with his decisive honesty for more than half a century.

Publisher August First Arts, 2007.

Amidst the Gladiolas

The play is set in the viewing room of a typical Brooklyn funeral home. The year is 1981 and our eight characters are mortared at the wake of a promiscuous policeman. Of the eight, four are widowed: his mother, his mother-in-law, his wife, and his pregnant mistress. Two other female characters are local beauticians. Two referees, I mean morticians, frame this weeping/ machinating assembly and try to keep order while the women figure out who stays and who goes for the sake of protocol! This drama with its stinging wit moves in real time and will keep an audience on the edge of its seat.

Publisher Samuel French, 1982.

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