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Frank Vetro

Frank is an Italian American whose family came to the United States so their children could have the opportunity they never had. In living out his family's American dream he pursued a career in education, quickly becoming the young, beloved high school principal in Hampton Bays, NY. In February 2006 his promising future came to a halt. Frank was arrested for a crime he didn't commit, thrown in jail, and publicly stigmatized. He lost his career, couldn't find employment, and was living in his car. Acting as his own attorney he uncovered the disturbing truth and fought his way back.

Frank currently works with the courts and school districts on Long Island. He educates the underprivileged, youths in crisis, and others who have been through the judicial system and need a second chance. He authored Standing on Principal in hopes of spurring change and helping others. His book garnered national attention and lead to his radio shows, Standing on Principal and The Frank Vetro Show, broadcast live on 103.9 FM LI News Radio, and WLINY.com.

Frank has interviewed nationwide, held book signings, and contributed to monthly newsletters. He's a mentor and life coach, and his public speaking has captivated audiences.

Published Works:

Standing on Principal

Throughout history a caste system of justice has been created, separating those who can and those who cannot, afford competent legal representation. The presumption of innocent until proven guilty has been overshadowed by the presumption of guilty until proven wealthy.

Just as disturbing is the desire of prosecutors to turn mundane cases into headline grabbing stories that convict people in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law.

In this tragic yet inspirational tale, the young, popular high school principal in Hampton Bays, Long Island is arrested, thrown in jail, and publicly labeled a terrorist.

While he sits in the muck and mire of a Suffolk County jail, the scandal is nurtured into the national limelight. Refusing to be intimidated by a political machine he sacrifices everything for the sake of justice.

Standing on Principal is a well-documented, first-hand account that melds the fictional "Fatal Attraction" with the real life Duke Lacrosse and Penn State scandals. It's a real story and it will scare the hell out of everyone.

Publisher: Boulevard Books, 2016

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