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Dr. Fred Hartman

Dr. Fred Hartman is a clinical psychologist for 30 years specializing in death/loss/grief and PTSD, among other human dilemmas. The Breakthrough in Two Acts has evolved and been revised and polished throughout the last eighteen years of life and practice.

It is a book, a play, a vaudeville show, a tragedy, a comedy—as psychotherapy experiences can be—and it is a call to the culture. But most of all it is about how to change, how to prevail over the primitive, prehistoric source of emotional pain embedded deeply inside our brains, and also how to reckon with the ever enigmatic challenge of our present moment in life. The book has 2 acts, 45 scenes, 185 pages and tries to make a radical, poetic, entertaining and healing statement.

Erin Nicole Cochran writing recently for the Readers' Favorite book award contest presently underway: The Breakthrough in Two Acts is a transformative piece of non-fiction… You need this book, and your sister, brother, cousin, father, and mother. The stranger you don't know on the corner needs it. It'll change you and give you comfort in a way that you never would have thought possible."

Published Works:

The Breakthrough in Two Acts

In The Breakthrough in Two Acts, Dr. Fredric C. Hartman paints a compelling picture of emotional pain and its context within the human mind and brain. Set in the dramatic backdrop of a therapy session as a stage play, featuring Dr. Hartman as the psychologist and Human Consciousness itself as "the patient," this is a practical guide for anyone locked within the grip of troubling memories and pain.

In his play, Dr. Hartman tells the story about our vulnerability to painful emotions, which flare up from the depths of our brains, casting spells over us. As the play unfolds, he develops two new experiences to help strengthen our consciousness: one, by actively breaking the spell of the two thoughts that lie at the heart—and generate the distress—in each of our negative emotions, and two, by embracing the strange, fleeting collection of conditions that come along with the present moments of our lives as they each flash by.

The Breakthrough in Two Acts is a complete, entertaining, practical plan for how to use one 'part' of our brain—consciousness—to quiet down another, chronically overheated 'part'—the limbic system—which has ravaged our species with troubles ranging from emotional illness to war. Here is a blueprint for how to overcome emotional pain and embrace a calmer and more fulfilling way to experience life.

Published 2007 by iUniverse. Revised 2018.

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