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Jerry Aylward

Jerry Aylward is a retired Nassau County Police Detective with 32 years of service. After retiring from the police department, Jerry was recruited by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as criminal Investigator, and assigned to high level government research facility as the Agency's Security Specialist. Jerry has a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from NYIT, and is a graduate of three Law Enforcement academies. Jerry combined his lifelong interest in American history and his 44 years in law enforcement to author the first and only pictorial account of the history of the Nassau County Police Department.

Published Works:

Nassau County Police Department - Pictorial History

The Nassau County Police Department was created in 1925 out of an urgent need for a professional law enforcement agency to provide swift, reliable, and trusted protection for its citizens.

During those unprecedented times, Greater New York was rapidly encroaching on Nassau County's western border, and the escalating crime rate in this bucolic island setting was due in large part to the Volstead Act, which ushered in the mob-infused Roaring Twenties, with its related violent and turbulent unrest.

After the rebellious 1920s and the Great Depression followed a long dark period of global hostilities and impending threats of homeland invasions from foreign enemies in World War II. The founding members of this department, equipped with little other than their dedication, bravery, fortitude, and self sacrifices, established a strong foundation for one of the finest police departments in the country today.

Published 2019 by Arcadia Publishing.

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