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Paula Groothuis

I am a speech therapist, living and working on Long Island. I am the mother of two grown children who are successful in their own right. Through the years I have found that rhyme was a most satisfying way to express my personal appreciation, thanks, birthday or anniversary wishes and I began to get hired to do the same for others.

I have written poems for people all over the United States and Canada, for people of all ages from birth announcements to retirements. My children's books are written to get messages and information out there. They are written in rhyme.

Published Works:

To Eat Is a Treat

This book was written to reach out to children with ideas regarding eating healthy; about foods that are nutritious, about not eating too much of anything and staying as healthy and strong through the years by choosing the right eating plan!

Published September, 2021.

Helpers in a Community Provide Unity

This is a book that not only makes children aware of all the helpful community helpers in our lives but how they too can be helpful throughout a community no matter what their age.

Published July, 2021.

Be Aware and Take Care

This children's rhyming book was put together to give children advice to be aware on how to stay safe in many ways; car seats, crossing streets, wearing helmets, looking around regarding cars, sharp utensils, using sunscreen and more to stay safe and healthy.

Published June, 2021.

It Is Wise to Exercise

The purpose of each rhyming book done by me is to get different ideas out there for children to learn. This one exposes them to ways to keep in healthy shape by keeping busy, specifically regarding all the activities that keep us active, sports and various exercises. It includes many sports along with yoga, karate, taekwondo, cardio, pilates etc. It helps children to be aware of choices, to balance their lives and to help them decide what they would like to do.

Published June, 2021.

Changes in Our World

This is another rhyming book that includes all types of changes that have taken place in our world. It talks about transportation, communication, technology and many different kinds of inventions that affect our every day life.

Published February, 2021.

Gentle Dental

Gentle Dental is a rhyming book for children to be motivated and to learn how to take good care of their teeth.

Published February, 2021.

I'm OK

I'm OK reaches out to young people who so easily see the strengths others, while failing to realize their own positive characteristics. It also offers the opportunity for parents and teachers to talk about what the children enjoy doing. There is a self-esteem message in this rhyming book that you are OK just as you are-it's who you are inside.

Published January, 2020.

Recycle, Michael

Recycle, Michael was written to teach children in rhyme what it is to recycle and reuse items such as: plastic, paper, water,metal, glass, food, and compost. It emphasizes how important it is to all of us on our planet to make our environment a healthier place.

Published March, 2019.

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