“It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.” — Oscar Wilde

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Richard Scheinberg

Richard C. Scheinberg is a psychotherapist with 27 years of experience in private practice, helping children, adults, couples and families. In 1993, the success of his practice culminated in his opening the Sunrise Counseling Center in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York.

Currently, Mr. Scheinberg serves as Founder and Director of this agency, for which he supervises a staff of 15 clinical practitioners who, in turn, serve 200 clients each week.

Mr. Scheinberg has been interviewed for Long Island newspaper publications as well as being featured on local television shows.

Aside from serving as a human resources specialist for community organizations, employee assistance programs and managed care insurance companies, Mr. Scheinberg offers many exciting seminars and workshops to the public.

For more information regarding Mr. Scheinberg, his books and his work, please visit www.SunriseCounselingCenter.com or www.TurningTraumaIntoTriumph.com.

Published Works:

Seeking Soul Mates, Spirit Guides, Past Lives

Consider for a moment that life is not a random event or an accident of circumstance and that the essence of who we are continues, even beyond death. In this book, we can discover new meaning to our lives and garner valuable insights into our experiences. With an artful blend of scientific research and heartrending narratives, this book demonstrates how we can recognize and embrace the spiritual relationships that determine our life's path!

Turning Trauma Into Triumph: Ten Stories of Hope and Growth, Including My Own

What if someone told you that the most difficult period in your life may be a blessing in disguise? As a psychotherapist with 27 years of experience, Richard C. Scheinberg has candidly and succinctly summarized the spiritual and deeply personal transformation of ten people attempting to overcome the worst challenges of their lives. In this inspirational book, Scheinberg also reveals how he survived the most difficult periods in his own life. Furthermore, he conveys his personal conviction that our common strengths emanate from a source more powerful than any challenges that may come our way.

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