“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable.” — Louisa May Alcott

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Lois W. Stern

Lois W. Stern is the published author of two books about physical beauty: Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery and Tick Tock, Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour, and a growing collection of short story anthologies of 'inner beauty' inspiring stories.

Her interest and expertise in the physical beauty arena led to several interesting assignments: Two cover feature articles for the Long Island Beauty Guide, a coveted interview with the California based Health and Beauty Revolution Show, and a position as Editor-at-large for MakeMeHeal.com, the largest consumer gateway for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery & anti-aging needs. But nothing generated more excitement than being featured in Hey, It's Still Me in There, a front page article in the Sunday STYLE section of the NY Times…

"That was a fluke, but one I wish could happen for every author at least once in a lifetime. Those three paragraphs were such a gift, generating not just an ego boost but more of a spike in book sales than I ever imagined."

More recently, Lois has been seized by a new passion, leading her down an entirely new path. "With so many conflicting agendas competing for our time, with so much depressing news reaching our eyes and ears, I wanted to write feel-good stories to inspire and uplift us all."

In September, 2011, Lois launched Tales2Inspire®, an Authors Helping Authors project/contest to give voice to talented writers with an inspiring story to share, to provide them with a legitimate means to build their author platforms, and boost their reputations as skilled writers.

Stern has realized her goal beyond her expectations with the publication of ten Tales2Inspire books… and counting.

Although Lois has written several of the stories within each anthology collection, most of them come from the winners of the annual Tales2Inspire contest. As an added bonus, each book contains original photographs from each author as well as wonderfully uplifting, non-fiction stories.

Published Works:

Tales2Inspire-The Jade Collection

The Jade, the ultimate good luck charm, taps into wisdom to guide us on our varied paths in life. This book is filled with true stories from contest winning authors, each highlighting a personal, yet unforgettable adventure in their life. These adventure stories run the gamut, some featuring the thrill or fear of the unexpected, others with humor prevailing as the adventure unfolds; some occurring close to home, with others taking place in distant lands. But each adheres to the dictionary definition: Adventure: an exciting or very unusual experience…:

When an avalanche leaves a young gal stranded in Switzerland, with no money, language skills or place to sleep, a total stranger stops to help, turning Christmas Eve into an unforgettable adventure. A young physician volunteers to help set up a medical clinic in Honduras, experiencing unexpected adventures that run the gamut rarely experienced at home. When a young man with virtually no Japanese language skills accepts a job teaching English to business students in the foothills of Mount Fuji, adventures of a lifetime unfold. These and more award-winning stories within this collection share tales of some unforgettable experiences to entice, amaze or amuse.

Tales2Inspire–The Moonstone Collection, Book 1

If you like Chicken Soup for the Soul stories even a little, you will love the stories in both of these Tales2Inspire ~ Moonstone Collection books!

The stories in both these Moonstone Collection books are quite varied, unique only in their shared theme of Turning the Page in each author's life, by altering it in some significant, powerful yet personal way. And that is why the Moonstone, the symbol for healing and bringing one back to wholeness, was selected as the gem to represent these particular stories.

Tales2Inspire–The Moonstone Collection, Book 2

The Moonstone, the gem recognized for its energy, holds a nourishing, deeply felt energy that knows how to heal and bring one back to wholeness.The stories in this Book 2 of the Moonstone Collection are quite varied. As in Book 1, each story in this Book 2 collection is written by a contest winner, unique only in its shared theme of Turning the Page in that author's life in some remarkable way.

Eternal Companions is Melody Sullivan's love song to her dog, Wilbur, despite warnings from the experts to put him down. In his story, Finding the Cure, Jimmy Peck gives us an eye opener into entering the world of his autistic son, and by so doing, enriching both their lives. Sammy Davis Encounters is Marianne More Maspout's story of how her love for one entertainer heightened her awareness of racial injustice, while helping others to evolve. Patricia Rossi shares the story of how after noting a tiny plastic umbrella in one of her cousin's childhood phtotos, she recognizes its symbolism, urging her to confront her next life storm with courage. Ronnie Padua Pelie devises a way to share one last day of humor with her mother, when other family members were advising her, "No Way!" Nancy Butler shares the trials and tribulations of woman with the motto 'Never Say Never', who becomes the poster child for seniiors living in assisted living facilities across the United States.

Fifteen stories in all, as varied as the authors who wrote them, each a model of how in some way a person, animal or event altered this author's life in a significant, powerful yet personal way. It is our hope that you, the reader, will discover at least one story within the covers of this book that speaks directly to you, helping you to turn a page in your life.

Tales2Inspire–Beyond Coincidence, The Emerald Collection

The Emerald, the symbol for intuitive awareness, is the root of past, present and future connections. Is there really such a thing as coincidence?

A girl learns that her childhood heroine is actually her biological sister. They meet and discover that their handwriting, talents and interests are exactly the same. A runaway dog sits in a garden miles from home, too frightened to move. Its frantic owner stops a total stranger, who turns out to be the one person who can lead her to her dog.

These and more Beyond Coincidence award-winning stories will make you wonder if we are really as free as we think we are. Are there unknown forces guiding our lives?

Tales2Inspire–Awakenings, The Topaz Collection

The Topaz, the symbol for self-realization and confidence, brings us a collection of Awakenings stories.

A mama cow unexpectedly dies seconds before giving birth to her newborn calf. A city gal fearfully helps bring this calf into the world. She raises him to a 2000 pound bull with the pride of a mother toward her growing child. A skilled psychologist teaches a quadriplegic little boy how to use mental imagery to 'touch and feel' things that are physically impossible for him to do. With his newly acquired skills, he grows up to lead a fuller life, becoming a role model for others.

These and more award-winning stories share unexpected Awakenings moments to inspire us all.

Tales2Inspire–Echoes in the Mind, The Sapphire Collection

The Sapphire, the symbol for communication, insight and inspiration, brings us a collection of Timeless Memories to echo in your mind.

A young boy plans a wonderful surprise for his pappy—an opportunity to join some circus band musicians for an afternoon of tooting. Later he learns that he gave his pappy the most special day of his life. A teacher uses her dog to help manage her class of special needs students. A boy with severe behavior problems stops acting out, at first whispering secrets in the dog's ear, later making friends within his class.

We hope these award-winning stories inspire you, the reader, to recall some of your timeless memories, too precious to be forgotten, to inspire your family and friends.

Tales2Inspire–Gifts of Compassion, The Ruby Collection

The Ruby, the symbol for friendship and love, is a collection of stories sharing some amazing Gifts of Compassion.

A woman rescues an abused, emaciated horse, nursing him back to good health and confidence. Although thrilled to join some equine pals in the field, he is always the first to come running when his human friend reappears. A black belt champion throws a temper tantrum each time he loses a match. But he isn't fighting for a trophy or glory. He fights to keep ghetto children out of harm's way, for one more day.

This collection of award-winning stories might just inspire you to live your life with a more open heart.

Tales2Inspire–The Crystal Collection

The Crystal is known for its healing properties. Humor, too, is a healer as it lifts our spirits, transporting us from the here and now to several moments of pure amusement.

We laugh at the failed experience of the brash young man who takes his girlfriend for a sail, but by the end of the day, has lost both boat and girlfriend. We giggle with amusement at the musical valentine that has a hidden Sonny and Cher surprise under its heart shaped cover.

In the words of Josh Billings, Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place. The award-winning stories in this collection help us feel good all over, bringing a smile to our lips and some joy to our hearts.

Tales2Inspire–Stories in Feathers and Fur, The Garnet Collection

The Garnet, the symbol known to revitalize and boost energy, is just what our animal friends do for us. You will read some amazing stories of animals covered by feathers or fur.

A service dog stands between his owner and a minibus, to protect her from the brunt of its impact. A white goose befriends a near blind lab, and begins taking him on daily walks, serving as his 'guide dog' as they circle the pond. In the words of Dr. Bernie Siegel, Animals are teachers and healers while we have much to learn.

The award-winning stories in this collection share tales of some incredible animals and the burst of energy they give the humans who love them.

Tales2Inspire–Contest Winning Stories for Teens & Tweens

The 'tales' in this collection were hand picked for Teen & Tween readers—each story a previous Tales2Inspire winner. Since they already have been published in one of the seven other Tales2Inspire books, you can be assured that they all have been given a thumbs up by adult readers as well: After being separated for decades, two circus elephants have an amazing reunion when they unexpectedly meet over twenty years later. A young girl runs a marathon in each of seven continents, setting a new record in the Guinness Book of Records.

This is just a sampling of the fourteen stories in this collection. And don't miss the ''Sparkler' page following each story, guaranteed to put a spark in your own creative thoughts.

Tales2Inspire–The Diamond Collection, Series I

Attention fans of the Tales2Inspire books: Here is a double header containing all the stories from the Emerald and Topaz Collections. Same great quality under one cover. Save with this two-for-one offer!

NIEA (National Indie Excellence Award) Finalist.

Tales2Inspire–The Diamond Collection, Series II

Welcome to the Diamond Collection Series II, the newest Tale2Inspire double header: Another powerhouse of inspiring stories, this book contains all the stories from the Sapphire and Ruby Collections under one cover. Same great quality you have come to expect from our contest winning authors. Save with this two-for-one offer!

Tales2Inspire–The Diamond Collection, Series III

A third Tales2Inspire double header, this book contains all the stories originally published in the Pearl and Garnet Collections. By buying this collection, you will be getting two books in one, the most economical way to own these books. What a thoughtful gift to give to someone you admire. And don't forget to write a personal message inside the cover telling that person why they are so special to you.

NIEA (National Indie Excellence Award) Finalist.

Tales2Inspire–The Diamond Collection, Series IV

Another double header, this book contains all the stories published in both our Opal and Crystal Collections.

Part i is filled with stories themed Stronger Today Because… from Curves Ahead, the poignant story of one pre-teen's summer of enlightenment to Mr. Hoots and Me, the story of a man growing up with few positive role models who develops successful programs for other disadvantaged kids.

Part II of this book contains all the stories published in The Crystal Collection, humorous stories of situations and events that inspire us to laugh, often in spite of ourselves. Thirty-six stories in all.

Tales2Inspire–The Diamond Collection, Series V

From Becoming a Family, the story of how one man's life is altered by a single text message from a daughter he never knew he had fathered; to The Sammy Davis Jr. Encounters, the story of how one woman's deep admiration for this talented entertainer motivated her to Turn the Page on racism.

Thirty winning stories in all, combining all the stories published in the Tales2Inspire Moonstone Collections, books 1 & 2.

Winner of the Readers Favorite Bronze Award.

Tales2Inspire–Stories of Awesome Kids, The Pearl Collection

The Pearl, the symbol for youth, purity and generosity, is the perfect match for the stories that fill the pages of this book.

You are about to meet some awesome kids, kids making an incredible impact to better our world. From saving gorillas slated for black market poaching, to rescuing dogs from kill shelters, from supplying needy children with backpacks filled with school supplies, to activists working to clean up our environment… Feeling discouraged about the next generation? Read their stories for a burst of optimism.

Tales2Inspire–Stronger Today Because Stories, The Opal Collection

The Opal, the symbol for encouragement of positive emotions, teaches us that what we put out, comes back to us. Such are the underlying messages of this collection of Stronger Today stories.

A WWII captain drags a tattered rug into a foxhole, comforting his troops during one of their fiercest battles… A mentally ill former employee holds a supervising nurse hostage. She emerges after forty-eight hours with multiple gunshot wounds, but with a new understanding of how vulnerability can be the foundation of strength. These and many more award winning stories share challenging moments—some dramatic, others more light-hearted—but all reflective of messages we hope you, the reader, will absorb to strengthen you as well.

Tick Tock, Stop the Clock ~ Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour

Tick Tock, Stop the Clock offers non-invasive and minimally invasive beauty enhancement treatments.

"Complete with detailed explanations, revealing photos, and insightful commentary, Tick Tock, Stop The Clock is required reading for anyone with even the slightest interest in improving their health and overall appearance. An excellent, well-crafted, and timely read." Apex Reviews

"Tick Tock, Stop the Clock offers insight into procedures that are available to you if you wish to improve your self-perception. It provides a roadmap for a novice such as me and in that vein; it meets its intended goal. …(This book) is a follow-up to Lois Stern's more introspective book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, pulling together 11 nationally recognized expert's writing on how to improve ones look. The uniqueness of this book… is that the emphasis is on non-invasive procedures that can change ones appearance as opposed to evasive procedures, such as a face lift." Book Pleasures Reviews

"One doesn't need thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to enhance one's appearance. Tick Tock, Stop the Clock: Getting Pretty On Your Lunch Hour is a collection of economically affordable ways that one can improve one's appearance without the need of expensive surgery. Author Lois Stern distills the advice of many professionals into a solid compendium of knowledge. Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock is a something to consider even for those who are beautiful but would like to be more so. " Midwest Book Reviews

Visit her website at: www.ticktockstoptheclock.com

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery offers provocative insights into the ways cosmetic surgery impacts women's lives.

"Do not be misled by its title. This is a very thoughtful and insightful book exploring the common and perhaps not so common emotions involved with the plastic surgery experience. Its very readable format presents valuable information and guidance for any woman considering cosmetic surgery." - Leo McCafferty, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Plastic Surgery, Consultant to Pittsburgh Steelers

"Lois Stern breaks new ground with her must read, impressively honest treatment of the relationship between cosmetic surgery and sexuality. Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery belongs in the waiting room of every plastic surgeon's office, readily available to any woman considering plastic surgery." - Alan M. Kisner, M.D., Private Practice Plastic Surgeon, Huntington, NY; NYC, NY

"Given the relationship between sexuality, body image and cosmetic surgery, it is not surprising that some women report becoming romantically attached to their surgeons. Stern does readers a great favor in examining this 'don't ask, don't tell experience..." - David B. Sarwer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology, Edwin and Fannie Gray Hall for Human Appearances, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Visit her website at: www.sexliesandcosmeticsurgery.com

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