“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.” — James Bryce

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L. A. Matthies

L. A. Matthies worked in a career in hairdressing and cosmetology. She and her husband have three children and live in New York.

Matthies divides her time between her new book and supporting her three children in achieving their academic, athletic and personal goals. Surviving Curtis Hall is her debut book.

Published Works:

Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood

In Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood, compelling teens strive for excellence in academics, sports, arts, and music; all while maintaining lifelong friendships.

Tristen, Billy & Sasha's lives are made more perilous when they transfer to a new school which is filled with a fascinating array of subterranean tunnels, glyphic codes, and a labyrinth. The socially dynamic, engaging characters, both human and supernatural, lead us down a path of intrigue while attempting to sort out their love/hate/friendship triangles.

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