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Clement Healy

Clem graduated in 1960 from CCNY (BEE) & Brooklyn Pollytechic Institute in 1962 (MSEE). He first worked in defense electronics until changing careers in 1994.

Clem earned a degree in Nursing from Nassau Community College. He worked on a med/surg unit at Mercy Hospital in Rockville Center for six years and moved out East in 2000 where he worked in alcohol rehabilitation until retiring in 2007.

An amateur photographer, historian and writer, he combined all three of his avocations in writing a series of over 30 articles that were published in Dan's Papers.

Clem wrote two books, North Fork Cemeteries and South Fork Cemeteries which featured local history of Long Island. He was also a contributing writer on local history for the North Fork Magazine.

Published Works:

North Fork Cemeteries

To better appreciate the beginnings of the North Fork, the best place to start is in the ancient burial grounds that dot the East End. These beautiful sites tell the tale of northeastern Long Island's early history, preserved in stone.

The names that appear--Booth, Conklyn, Corwin, Fanning, Hallock, Latham, Terry, Tuthill, Wickham, Youngs--read like a who's who of the North Fork.

South Fork Cemeteries

South Fork Cemeteries offers a historical tour of the southern stretch of the East End, from Southampton to Montauk. This leisurely stroll reveals not only ancient burial grounds filled with beautifully engraved slate and sandstone markers but also onshore whaling, famous shipwrecks, and fascinating people.

The stones introduce the forefathers and their followers who lie in quiet resting places; the author fills in the biographical detail of the common and the famous, including whalers such as Capt. Mercator Cooper, who visited Japan before Commodore Perry did; writers such as P. G. Wodehouse, who created the unforgettable Jeeves; and artists such as Jackson Pollock, whose medium was house paint.


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