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JoAnn Vergona-Krapp

JoAnn Vergona-Krapp is a School Library Media Specialist. Her articles on children's literature have appeared in numerous periodicals, including School Library Journal and School Library Media Activities Monthly. In addition to writing, Ms. Krapp is a watercolor artist. She resides in Farmingdale, New York, where she teaches writing and painting workshops for children. She is a member of the national Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and the Amity Artists Circle.

Her books and paintings can be seen at www.jvkarts.com.

Published Works:

A Daring Rescue

A Daring Rescue… Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, wife of James Monroe, our fifth president, made a dramatic entrance into history by risking her own life to save the Marquessa de Lafayette from the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Independently published 2023

Museum Madness

Museum Madness… While visiting the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, the Burton twins witness an incident that leads to the theft of a famous painting. Fortunately for the police, the twins can identify the thief. Unfortunately for the twins, the third knows who they are.

Independently published 2022

Totally Trouble

Another summer vacation and another adventure for Douglas and Janet Crawford as they visit the TWA Flight 800 Memorial at Smith Point Park on Fire Island. A few hours of free time find brother and sister involved in separate incidents that spell trouble.

Douglas and his friend Wesley witness the Coast Guard detonate a military flare that washes up at the beach. Janet and her friend Melissa witness two teenage boys shoplifting at the snack bar, leaving behind a frightened young brother.

Published Fall, 2018.

Trouble Times Three

"Whatever happened to Jake?" wonder Douglas, Wesley, and Janet, the three children he befriended as they searched for Captain Kidd's treasure at the Fire Island Lighthouse. While vacationing the following summer at Ocean Beach, the children are surprised to find him… now the caretaker at the Ocean Beach Historical Society.

When a valuable gold medal is stolen from the Historical Society, Jake is the obvious suspect. His friends are determined to discover the real thief.

Published Fall, 2016.

Missing Treasure Means Trouble

Missing Treasure Means Trouble is an early chapter book adventure.

Published Summer, 2012.

My Dinosaur Loves Circuses

My Dinosaur Loves Circuses contains humorous dinosaur poems by JoAnn Vergona-Krapp and Gene Zaner.

Holiday Time

Have a Happy and Holiday Time are collections of holiday stories by JoAnn Vergona-Krapp and Gene Zaner.

Have a Happy

Have a Happy and Holiday Time are collections of holiday stories by JoAnn Vergona-Krapp and Gene Zaner.

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