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Brian Scala

Brian Scala is a University of New Haven graduate, a former Bleacher Report contributor, an amateur voice over talent and a current nine-to-fiver. He lives on Long Island with his wife. His first novel, Being Made, is available now.

Published Works:

Being Made

Sean Mattea was once a preeminent rock singer. From 1993 to 2005, his band, Black Swan, sold millions of records, garnered significant radio airplay and performed sold out shows all over the world.

All the while, Billie Shaw experienced a similar rise to prominence as an elite women's basketball player. Her athletic prowess and determination made her a multiple-time All-American, All-Star and world champion.

Once Sean and Billie met, they realized that not only were they very much alike but that a greater power was trying to bring them together the whole time. For years, Sean and Billie thought they had it made. Little did they know, they were "Being Made." Published by Light Switch Press, 2016.

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