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Dan Mariani

Dan Mariani is a native New Yorker born near the Westchester Square area of the Bronx. The author studied English at the University of Albany in New York where he focused on a broad liberal arts education. Later he went back to school and earned an advanced MBA from Adelphi University.

His many adventures have included a short stint in the Air Force as a navigator trainee, a cross-country trip from Dallas to Boulder that ended with the author sleeping in a public park nearly getting frost-bite, spelunking in freezing temperatures in an underground cave during the worst of winter and hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Dan has also been a tour guide at the NY Aquarium where he learned about Belugas while educating the public on the vanishing wetlands and their threat to fisheries and coastal habitats, and he spent 28 years in various healthcare roles both in clinical and non-clinical settings. All of these experiences have enriched this author's pen.

He currently lives on Long Island with his wife and family.

Published Works:

Is There Pickleball In Heaven?: A Fun Tour Of The Craze Sweeping The Globe

Have you ever wondered what drives the pickleball sport's craze sweeping the globe? Wonder no more! In this condensed volume, wellness writer and avid pickleball player and Massapequa author Dan Mariani tours all facets of the game, providing humor and insights along the way.

For those readers who want to learn more about Pickleball, or who play and can use a few laughs, my new book is out. A whimsical and irreverent look at the current state of Pickleball—available in Paperback, Kindle & Kindle Unlimited.

Independently published, 2023.

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Exploring The Boundaries of Time-Space and Our Lives: An Inquiry Into Unexplained Phenomena

Have you ever encountered an unknown presence or been in an unexplainable situation, one that shocked, amazed, and disrupted your inner core?

Dan Mariani—Wellness Writer and Paranormal Enthusiast and Cryptid Investigator—expounds on a collection of topics that will, at once, astonish and change your view of what reality might be.

Are we being poked and prodded by unknown forces in the universe or simply experiencing figments of the imagination… or are we entering a time where our lives resemble science fiction? The truth lies somewhere out there. How far will you go to find it?

This is the author's fifth book and first in the paranormal/cryptid field with a lifelong interest in all things odd and anomalous he shares his research, conversations, and speculation on the unexplained. He has read hundreds of books on the subject matter, listened to countless podcasts, and watched many documentaries to give him the background to survey a host of topics related to the field of the unusual.

The author believes there is more behind the curtain than is being told. But, to find out the truth, you first have to tug on it.

Independently published, 2023.

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Behind The Examining Room Door: A Consumer Guide For Navigating Healthcare

NEW RELEASE - hit link for more details! Learn how to navigate the healthcare system and how to maximize your health! Paperback and Ebook available! KINDLE UNLIMITED! Available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Are you getting the best drug for your medical condition? Are doctors infallible and totally unbiased when making important decisions for you, as a patient? Do drug representatives have an impact on healthcare providers' decision making?

You've probably often wondered what happens behind closed doors in doctors' offices, how you're really perceived by the healthcare community, and how drug selection actually works.

Retired pharmaceutical market account manager Dan Mariani provides a fascinating view of how the healthcare system works. Described within are surprising behind-the-scenes machinations with detailed insights into how you, as a consumer, can make better choices to bolster your health.

This honest, inside look at the pharmaceutical-doctor-academia medical triad at work reveals just how it affects the delivery of consumer care.

How can we identify our best options when shopping for medical care? Can you really trust hospitals to provide optimal care? Are doctors totally treating cases without their self-interests in mind?

Janas Review: "A clear voice that has seen the healthcare industry evolve over the years and it's a lens through which I was able to gain more clarity about the aspects of healthcare in the US that weren't clear to me before. Highly recommended read."

Independently published, 2022.

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Choices: The Art of Thriving in a Sniper World

Are you struggling with obligations and stretched thin by demands? Do you fall short of your goals and make impulsive choices without analysis? Can you become more strategic and condition your actions to create more powerful outcomes?

Choices: The Art of Thriving in a Sniper World demystifies decision-making to restore harmony and balance in our lives.

Dan Mariani, a Healthcare Consultant and Wellness Writer, recognizes our whirlwind lives are heavily influenced by the cumulative effects of actions and choices we've made in the past. To change and uplift our lives, we must become more mindful and aware of how our attitude and our moves, like those on the chessboard, matter.

Learn how to reset your thinking! Realize expectations, and optimize mental and physical health. Choices: The Art of Thriving in a Sniper World also provides tools to overcome barriers based upon unwarranted fears and self-constructed impediments. Mariani's solution of rebalancing and deprogramming our minds has been shown to lead to more joy and enable us to achieve greater synergies in our relationships.

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Bicycling With A Purpose: Shift Gears To Lower Stress

Many of us are multi-taskers, spending hours each day overburdened with work. Do you ever have time to unwind and think about your personal well-being? Most of us don't. It is hyperactivity that stresses us shortening our lives by degrading our health and immunity. We are constantly at a tipping point.

This little book is a guide that can help you center yourself and open doors to self-awareness and self-discovery. It combines the love of the art of cycling with a companion blueprint for more compassionate and healthy living. Bicycling With A Purpose: Shift Gears To Lower Stress provides a powerful message to shift your life into lower gears.

Are you ready for transformation? Do you want to have more energy and focus to contend with worry and anxiety? If so, grab a copy of this book, you won't be disappointed!

Published: January 2020, Kindle Direct Publishing

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The Road to Chapultepec Park

The Road to Chapultepec Park depicts a post-apocalyptic earth ravaged by climate change. The story follows the journey of a M.I.T. climatologist who escapes a brutal prison camp in San Antonio, Texas and his courageous struggle to find sanctuary in Mexico City, Mexico a place designated safe for U.S. citizens.

It is a powerful tale of love, survival, and redemption in a world turned upside down. It is also a tale of government climate engineering gone awry and a search for meaning.

Join the many readers who have enjoyed this book… Follow Aaron and his loyal dog Sam as they fend off predators, human traffickers, and intense permafrost after The Big Freeze. Many readers have told me this book has changed them in some way and spurred them to do additional research on the state of our planet. Also they have said it is a gripping, realistic account of what global cooling would look like. Read the book to find out!

Published 2016 by Createspace.

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