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Michael O'Keefe

Michael O'Keefe is a retired 1st Grade Detective from the NYPD. For twenty-four years, he worked in the toughest neighborhoods in New York, investigating Homicides and other violent crime. He was born and raised on the mean streets described in his fiction. His characters and settings are drawn from the people he encountered there—on both sides of the law.

Shot to Pieces is his first novel, published this July. He is presently near completion on two others. He lives on Long Island with his family, where he writes a little, and practices the ancient martial arts of lawn, and swimming pool maintenance—when he is not coaching football.

Published works:

Short fiction: Michael O'Keefe has had two short stories, Tic, Tic, Boom! and The Mandela Effect, published in Pulpmetalmagazine.com. The short story, The Cigar, appeared in Near to the Knuckle magazine in early August, in addition to the story Hatchet, which appeared in Near to the Knuckle in December. The short story Moments, originally written in 1984, was published in The Raven's Perch Magazine, in December as well. His story Hatchet was also featured in Manslaughter Review this Summer.

Poetry: Michael has had six poems appear in the Raven's Perch Magazine, and two in Vox Poetica. He has also had poems featured in the 2016 and 2017 publication of Bard's Annual, and a chap book of his poetry, to be published by Local Gems Press. Michael's poetry is regularly featured by the Performance Poetry Association of Long Island. Despite swearing to everyone he's not a poet, he is in fact an award-winning poet, having won third place in the Princess Ronkonkoma Productions annual poetry prize.

Associations: Michael is a member of The Mystery Writers of America (New York Chapter), The Long Island Mystery Writers Group, The Long Island Writer's Guild, and the Farmingdale Creative Writers' Group. He has been a member of Mensa since 1999.

Published Works:

Shot to Pieces

Shot to Piecesis the story of NYPD 1st Grade Detective Padraig Joseph Durr, tasked with solving a grisly gang related homicide in Brooklyn. When Paddy catches the squeal, he is also on the verge of an emotional and psychological breakdown. Because of his penchant for self-destruction, fueled by a childhood of abuse and sexual exploitation, he suffers from an ingrained sense of worthlessness and fear of abandonment. Durr has brought his entire life to the brink of ruin.

The book begins on the mean streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Paddy Durr is a gifted and respected detective. He is intelligent, capable and committed. But he is his own worst enemy.

With the help of his partners, Durr goes about the arduous task of investigating a complex homicide that no one else seems to want solved. He encounters nothing but difficulty and interference in his search for the truth.

Flashing back, we see the highlights and low-lights of his almost thirty-year, incredibly violent and tumultuous police career. We get an intimate glimpse of the demons haunting him. Though a survivor, Paddy Durr is a bullet magnet that lives perpetually under a black cloud. He has seen and experienced things that torture him.

If that weren't enough, Durr is turned on by his own Department and thrown to the wolves at the behest of a corrupt and morally bankrupt Mayor. For a summer seemingly spent in hell, Durr becomes Public Enemy Number One. Waiting in the wings is the United States Attorney, seeking to prosecute him for being too effective at his job.

Interwoven through all of this is the love story of Durr and his wife Mairead. Their need for each other is unquenchable, but the years of violent misfortune, Paddy's fragile psyche and the poor decisions that these have engendered, combine as forces that grow far beyond either of their control. Paddy's emotional dysfunction and his ultimate betrayal have driven a wedge between them.

But it is Paddy's self-destructive tendencies that have brought them to the edge of the abyss. Their love, as strong as it is, might not be enough to save them. Can Durr hold it together enough to solve his case? Can he repair his broken psyche and save his marriage and personal life? Or, will he implode, irrevocably destroying his career, his family and himself?

Published 2016 by Lulu.

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