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Cassandra Dallas

Cassandra Dallas has lived her entire life on Long Island, New York, in close proximity to John F. Kennedy International Airport. The location has made for noisy backyard barbeques, but has afforded her the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, at a moment's notice.

When she was four years old, Cassandra's family moved from Queens to Roosevelt, Long Island. She grew up loving her town, her school and her friends. However, she absolves the Roosevelt community for anything she has written, both published and unpublished.

After completing her secondary education at Kennedy High School in Bellmore, New York, Cassandra went east to Stony Brook University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in History, magna com laude. Who could have guessed back then that she would be overtaken by her infatuation with Amsterdam, which compelled her to write a very romantic novel?

Besides her love of all things Dutch, Cassandra is obsessed with large dogs and handsome men, or is it handsome dogs and large men?

Cassandra is hopeful that you will enjoy her first novel, Going Dutch. She is currently working on her second book, PG-13, and a third one, R tending towards X rated.

Published Works:

Going Dutch

Deena Green is a pretty New Yorker who loses her innocence to Paul Vermeer, Amsterdam's sexiest bachelor, in the shadow of that city's Red Light District. Deena finds out the real story behind the scar that mars Paul's handsome face. Will Paul be faithful to Deena in a city where the temptations are many and the consequences are few?

Published 2017 by ProPress Books, Inc.

Where to Purchase:

Going Dutch The Book



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