“The problem with books is that they end.” — Caroline Kepnes

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Coleman Paul

My name is Coleman Paul; yes, Coleman is my first name. (My mother's little joke. I'm AKA as Coolman.) After retiring as a professor of psychology, I shifted from laboratory work and writing technical articles for professional journals to writing both essays and fiction. I find the act of writing interesting in how it sparks both new ideas and clarifies my own thinking. I like to dabble lightly in the stock market (with some success) and cook meals for my wife and myself (with more success.)

Published Works:

Will to Survive: Stop the Jihadists

The suicide bomber killed his wife and child. Now, he will make the bomber's family pay, along with other terrorists. He and a few returning Afghanistan vet-buddies go after both domestic terrorists and would-be terrorists. These guys will use any means to fight for the survival of the U.S. and for Western culture. Published by Bookbaby, 2018.

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