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Robert L. Fouch

Robert L. Fouch is an author and journalist who grew up in the hills of West Virginia and now makes his home on Long Island in New York. He has worked in the newspaper business for longer than he cares to admit, including 25 years at Newsday as a copy editor, page designer and occasional feature writer.

With the help of fiction courses, the great folks at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and a writing "intensive" at NYU with author Mary Gordon and former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, he at last found a heroine in Christmas Carol, who caught the eye an agent and landed him his first book deal for Christmas Carol & the Defenders of Claus. The sequel, Christmas Carol & the Shimmering Elf, is to be published by Sky Pony in November of 2019.

Fouch has a bachelor's degree in editorial journalism from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. He is married with a teenage son, who is his sounding board and toughest critic, and also has a son who's a commercial pilot and makes him very proud. He is a Browns and Cubs fan, which, before the end of the curse in 2016, was about as much misery as a sports fan could stand.

Published Works:

Christmas Carol & The Defenders of Claus


12-year old Carol Glover really loves Christmas. The decorating, and shopping, the Christmas sweaters and music — that's Carol. It's challenging sometimes around the holidays because her only family is Uncle Christopher, who has adopted Carol. He's a humbug workaholic. But, sweet — he owns a toy company and is super rich.

On a magical Christmas trip to New York City, thanks to Uncle Chris, Carol finds her destiny. Santa — the real man with the bag — meets Carol at the top of Rockefeller Center, overlooking the tree. There he explains that Carol is descended from a long line of Defenders of Claus, those who protect and serve Santa. Carol's father — presumed dead or missing — was a Defender. And now Carol has been tapped to fulfill his legacy.

Who would want to hurt Santa?? Someone pretty scary and shady, it appears… And off Carol goes, whisked to the North Pole on the adventure of a lifetime to help save Christmas.

Published by Sky Pony, 2017.

Little & Big


In the remote hills of West Virginia, 11-year-old Walter "Little" Preston finds a footprint. And oh what a footprint it is: massive and scary! Could the legends be true? Could the print really belong to the mythical Bigfoot? When Little and his dog Boomer are saved from a bear attack by a mysterious creature of the forest, Little gets his answer. Bigfoot is real!

An ancient Earthly magic keeps the beast Little calls "Big" safely hidden. But Big's powers are mysteriously fading, putting him in danger from humans who would hunt him down and poison the land he calls home.

With Boomer at his side, Little goes on a daring quest to help his friend. Will Little save the creature who saved him and keep Bigfoot's existence a secret?

Published independently, 2014.

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