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Caryn M. McGill

Caryn M. McGill has always been a storyteller. She often told tales to her children at bedtime in lieu of reading to them.

A serious daydreamer, she used to think it the complete opposite of her education and work in the sciences, but now realizes scientists are the ultimate daydreamers. She's immersed herself in a lifelong study of religion, astrology, reincarnation, and past-life regressions. This otherworldly journey produced her debut novel, The Wives of Lucifer (2015), a trilogy.

Currently she writes a romantic suspense series, Steel and Desire, under the name Kendra Greenwood. Her current WIP is the fifth book in the series: Unburned.

Caryn grew up on the beaches of Long Island's East End. When she's not writing, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up something scrumptious or in the studio, painting and fusing glass into decorative dishes.

Published Works:

The Wives of Lucifer

Olivia loves her new immortal life, her friends and especially Drew; she never thought she'd fall in love on the other side of death. But when Olivia learns she bears the mark of Lucifer and has powers that tie her to the Underworld, she worries that perhaps she's done terrible things in her past lives and dark secrets are being kept from her. And those damn wives, what do they want from her?

Olivia endures unspeakable tragedy in The Wives of Lucifer and when she discovers what fate has in store for her...she suddenly understands that being immortal doesn't guarantee you'll live forever.

Pubished by Wild Rose Press, 2015. Available in print and digital.

The Spirit of the Light

As Olivia enters her sophomore year at Eccli Hall, she must once again rescue her brother, Tyler, but she's too late to save Keith. She adores Thomas but something is preventing her from truly loving him. And can she finally free Peter from the clutches of the evil wives? She thought she was done with them, but at every turn, there they are.

Then there's Michael, King of the Travelers. Why is he consumed with protecting her? She suspects he'll demand something important from her in the future, but fears she'll disappoint him. Besides, he's not telling her something… something big.

Although innumerable interventions prove satisfying for Olivia and her new partner, Jesse, these triumphs can't offset the peril that destiny portends. One by one, mysteries about Olivia's past are revealed …each shocking and testing her mettle.

In The Spirit of the Light, book two of the Wives of Lucifer saga, Olivia is finally forced to confront her destiny …a destiny that will forever alter the balance between good and evil.

Independently published in 2021. Available in print and digital.

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