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Holly Hunt

Since a life-altering surgery in 2015, I have been living with an unfortunate side effect of memory loss. Although minor, it does affect my everyday life. Exploring abandoned places and walking through the remnants of another person's life triggers memories within me that I have forgotten about in my own life. Once that memory floods my thoughts, I recreate my past with my camera sometimes placing myself within frame.

In the colors of the peeling wallpaper, I recall my childhood home. In the details of the rotting wood, I'm brought back to memories of my grandmother. In the colors of a quilt covering a bed, I'm reminded of my mother's cancer diagnosis. In the quiet of the rooms that are now crumbling, or in the peace of the spaces where patients once walked, I can find myself. It is in the darkness and decay of the places that I am able to let go of my fears. It is where I feel most alive. Each and every image I capture tells a piece of my story.

In 2020, I utilized my time to write, Exploring Home—an autobiographical photo book containing one hundred images of my work paried with one hundred vignettes about my life. I felt it was finally time to make my photos come to life and share them with the world.

Published Works:

Exploring Home

Exporation is the act of traveling through an unfamiliar area to learn about it.

In Exploring Home, Holly Hunt creates an interplay of images and words to explore some of the secret and abandoned places in her life. And through these personal yet universal truths, she invites the viewer to journey with her.

This collection of urban exploration images, ranging from abandoned hospitals to homes being reclaimed by nature, reminds us that life is tenuous—but also resilient. By exploring these spaces, often avoided by the rest of us, and pairing them with her deeply personal vignettes, Holly urges us to celebrate our strengths while also honoring our weaknesses.

Step into these forgotten spaces and remember the things that make us human.

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