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Eileen Resta

Eileen Resta is a retired primary school teacher and Reading Specialist with a Master's Degree in Literacy. Although reading and writing has been an integral part of her life for as long as she can remember, writing a memoir was unexpected.

It was her experience as an adult adoptee seeking information about her biological background that led to unforeseen miraculous events and ultimately her decision to write this book.

Eileen lives on Long Island, New York with her husband, Claude. Their children and grandchildren live nearby and this book provides the missing link in their family history. She enjoys traveling, hiking, boating, and cooking, but mostly she loves any time spent with her American and Canadian families.

Published Works:

I'll Wait for You: An Adoption Memoir

A search... a phone call... a journey home. Join author Eileen Mary Coyne Resta—née Marie Monique Comtois—as she discovers the family she never knew, and the mother who never gave up hope.


"I loved this book. The author, Eileen Resta, grew up in a town on Long Island, NY, from the time she was a baby. She had wonderful parents and a good life. She always knew that she was adopted. Her mother told her the stories about how they went to Montreal, Quebec, and brought her home from an orphanage. After Eileen's parents passed away, and when she was an adult, she and her husband Claude decided to be detectives and begin a search for her birth family. This involved years of paperwork, phone calls, and many trips to Montreal, to the orphanage, and other places. At the end of their multi-year search, they found much love, joy, and happiness! I don't want to give away anything more. You have to read this book!! You won't be able to put it down. It would also be good for book clubs."

"The author's description of life events both large and small have you feeling like you are actually there as well. As an adopted person, it was enlightening to see that feelings and thoughts are felt by others as well. A you are not alone experience. An excellent description for others as well to understand what the adoption experience is like from all aspects of family position. A wonderful heartfelt real life experience. Beautiful."

"Eileen's story is so intriguing, I couldn't put it down once I started. What a fascinating well-written story on finding her biological family. I laughed and cried and couldn't wait to see what transpired. I totally recommend this book!"

"I was so engrossed in this reading and loved the way Eileen described her upbringing and extended family histories. She wove a fascinating narrative about her decision to seek answers and the search for her biological mother and family. It all culminated in a joyful meeting with a family she wasn't sure existed. This story is definitely a must-read and very satisfying."

"This was such a great story about family, adoption, and one person's journey to stay true to her adopted family while also learning about where she came from. I couldn't put the book down!! Loved it from beginning to end."

"This is the story of a young woman overcoming the odds to connect with a family she never knew, until now. A heartwarming story that reads like a mystery that takes place in a country so foreign from her own. Altogether a terrific read."

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