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Christine Maier

Christine Maier is an author, coach, and speaker helping individuals and organizations turn obstacles into opportunities to understand their beauty, purpose, and power.

Christine spent years believing a cleft lip and palate, being the shortest kid in class, and a learning disability were holding her back. But the opposite was true. They taught her that what makes us different is really the foundation for understanding our superpowers.

Published Works:

The Too Tall Giraffe: A Children's Book about Looking Different, Fitting in, and Finding Your Superpower

Savannah looked forward to her first day at a new school. She tried to make friends, but the giraffes in her class thought she was too tall. With no one to play with, Savannah focused on her schoolwork. Would this prepare her for the day her classmates were in danger? The day when Savannah would have to decide if she would help the giraffes that had been mean to her. In The Too Tall Giraffe, join Savannah as she learns about starting at a new school, looking different, dealing with bullies and finding her superpower.

The Too Tall Giraffe is a vibrant picture book perfect for ages 4-8, for parents to encourage children that their differences bring value, and for library and classroom story-time discussions about helping others, fitting in, and dealing with bullies. We are all different in our looks, interests, and skills. What makes you different? What is your superpower?

Blue Sky Morning: An Inward Journey Around the World

This is the moment everything changes. The pain. The scars. The fear. But the world awaits you—if you can survive yourself.

Emily is a survivor. She's lived through the worst moment of her life—a near-fatal car accident that's left her medically and emotionally broken. Her lingering physical and emotional scars are a constant reminder of the life she continues to mourn.

On a mission to put the broken pieces back together, she fights her fears and travels the world… London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Greece and Sydney. But in the end, she discovers the one place that holds the mystery to it all—her past.

Blue Sky Morning is an inspirational women's fiction novel that will take you on an adventure to show you a resilient version of yourself hidden beneath the surface. Grab your passport and take a trip around the world. Your very own Blue Sky Morning awaits you!

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The Too Tall Giraffe

Blue Sky Morning


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