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John Passadino

John recently retired from an Information Technology career. He earned a BS in management and communications and an MBA in technology management during his former profession.

While earning those degrees, he discovered his love for writing and, as a result, has written many stories, poems, blogs, plays, and sketches. So, he's started a new career as a professional writer.

His writing, Incredible Tales Volume 1 and 2, and his poetry book, Implications, are available on Amazon. His plays are available on Lazee Bee Scripts and blogs on Medium. John also directs and produces theatrical plays, comedy shows on Long Island, and podcasts called Think for Yourself with John Passadino. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Google, and others. In addition, John is working on a memoir of the 1960s and a new Kindle Vella story.

When not writing, John loves gardening, hunting for sea glass, and caring for his pet fish. For links to all of John's work, go to johnpwrites.com.

Published Works:

Implications: poems from and to the heart

Author John Passadino presents his first book of original poems featuring subjects from broken love to commentary on social media and politics.

Poet Allison Sigmon, the author of Tea with Demons, says this collection places love under a microscope and examines every facet and Implications will leave you with a sense of connection to humanity's constant cycles of grief and healing.

Incredible Tales Volume 2

The book contains seven new, never published stories, including a new novelette called It's Just Me Inside My Mind—a science fiction drama, and Christmas Lost and Found—a work of historical fiction.

The other four stories are in the science fiction/fantasy genre. Read stories of humanity's struggles with nanotechnology, a subversive fallen angel, new world musicians, the circle of life of a seed, and a poignant futuristic love story.

Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents influenced John's short fiction, and he pays homage to those series in this collection, using a modern flare.

Enthralling from beginning to end. - Allison Sigmon, author of Tea with Demons

Incredible Tales

John authored each short story to emphasize the element of surprise. Incredible Tales is your collection if you like intriguing short stories that make your mouth drop open at the end. The mystery, suspense, and twists will amaze you.

This collection contains various science fiction, horror, and thriller stories.

Read about a terrorized college student, an unexpected savior, a quirky therapist who provides help at a high price, a politician struggling with global warming, a postal worker who loves his job too much, and more!

Some of your best writing. Thoroughly engaging. Taut, intimate, vivid, intense, funny. - Mark Spencer, author of A Haunted Love Story

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