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Graham E. E. Bailey

Graham E. E. Bailey's travels to the remote island of Sakhalin, Russia, were the inspiration for the novel, Sakhalin.

In this unique setting, the author frames her impressions into a sensual and fast-paced novel. This debut novel has been nominated for the Long Island Reads Award.

Graham E. E. Bailey enjoyed a multi decade career in the field of marketing and advertising.

She is a lifelong resident of Long Island and currently lives in Northport with her husband and daughter.

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Can Yuri, an undercover operative, accomplish his mission while protecting his unwitting sources? Will he compromise his own humanity and passion for a greater purpose—to stop a brutal criminal of the Russian underworld?

Immersed in a sadistic and sexually charged relationship with the wife of eastern Russia's dominant arms dealer, Yuri commits himself to exploiting her as an informant so that he can infiltrate the criminal organization. He soon realizes that he is not the only one with an identity to hide and a covert agenda to execute.

His elite special ops training has made him an effective and deadly success in his profession. But through improbable friendships with a young mischievous orphan, and an American woman who has just arrived on Sakhalin Island, his assignment is put at risk. Will his all but forgotten humanity emerge only to lead him to exposer and failure?

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