“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable.” — Louisa May Alcott

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Anthony D'Amico

Anthony D'Amico is a Long Island, NY, native. He is an aspiring minimalist, outdoorsman, and long-time pancake enthusiast. He flosses every night, makes his bed every morning, can stand on his head, juggle, and never passes up an opportunity to pet a stranger's dog. He left a long career in the corporate healthcare world to pursue a life-long dream to write. Dirty Little Stay Out is his first novel.

His writing draws on his personal experiences in the corporate world, on his yoga mat, and with several different online dating sites. His love of the outdoors started with chasing pheasants around the east end of Long Island with his favorite hunting buddy, an orange and white Brittany named Jack. After 15 years of friendship, Jack has moved on to more eternal hunting grounds while Anthony has picked up a bow to pursue Long Island's white-tailed deer.

Published Works:

Dirty Little Stay Out

This debut novel follows the life of Charlotte Ashling, a single independent woman who balances her mundane life as a yoga instructor looking for love on an online dating site, with her secret life as a contract killer.

When her uncle reveals a family secret, Charlotte is forced to take a hard look at her past. In doing so, she uncovers a dirty secret about her organized crime employer. A secret that reveals a crime worse than murder for hire.

Discovering her employer's secret leads to her dealing with the childhood trauma that helped form her adult self. With the help of Jack, her hitman partner, she confronts the evil side of the organization they work for and her past. Charlotte befriends Andy, a lovably clumsy private investigator whom she meets online. Despite Andy's interest in Charlotte, he gets stuck in the friend zone.

A slew of online suitors including Beach Guy, Nine Inch Nick, Midwest Dave, and Jeep Guy vie for Charlotte's attention as she navigates the online dating world and confronts the internal and external demons in her life.

Self-published 2021.

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