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Karen Nespoli

Karen Patricia Nespoli is a passionate children's author who loves writing stories that make children smile and get excited about reading. When she is not writing children's stories you can find her baking chocolate chip cookies, or collecting shells along the shores of Long Island, New York.

As a former elementary school teacher and literacy educator, Karen has guided children to write and illustrate stories. Now through her books and website she hopes to inspire, challenge and encourage others to grow as writers.

Karen's debut picture book, Gertie Saves the Day, was an Amazon Best Seller, Literary Titan Gold Award winner and a Purple Dragonfly Children's Picture Book winner. Karen proudly co-authored Two Wins for Wiley with her daughter, Caitlin, who is an acupuncturist.

Published Works:

Bear in Mind Diversity

Topics such as Diversity and Inclusion can be difficult to discuss with children. This Beary Special Club of characters addresses some of the issues and feelings that arise when meeting someone who is different or when being excluded for being different. Children can learn that what makes them different, can also be what makes them special.

Published by Little Hippo Books.

Bear in Mind Kindness

Bullying is serious and hurtful. Follow along as Kindness Bear and the other bears, help Worry Bear to deal with Bully Bear. Follow along to learn ways to use paws-itive thinking to deal with a bully.

Published by Little Hippo Books.

Bear in Mind Sharing

Children need to learn to share so they can make and keep friends, play and work cooperatively, take turns and handle disappointment. Follow along as Sharing Bear demonstrates paws-itive thinking and shows Selfish Bear that sharing is fun.

Published by Little Hippo Books.

Bear in Mind Patience

Waiting is not easy, Join Impatient Bear on a quest to become more patient. Explore different activities to do while waiting such as reading a book, drawing and playing seek and find ideas. With paws-itive thinking anyone can learn to be patient.

Published by Little Hippo Books.

Two Wins for Wiley

Wiley is his baseball team's best hitter. With the play-offs around the corner, the pressure is on for Wiley to practice hard and play his best. But there's one big problem. Wiley suffers from frequent stomach aches, and they're only getting worse.

When his coach suggests that he tries acupuncture, Wiley must make a difficult decision. He can either face his fear of needles and get better for the big game, or risk losing the play-offs as he watches from the sidelines. Will Wiley conquer his fears and bring his team to victory?

Published by Miriam Laundry Publishing.

Gertie Saves the Day

Gertie desperately wants to win the Groundhog Day Competition. She wants to predict if there will be six more weeks of winter. However, Jeff declares that he is going to win the competition and discourages her for being too short to have a shadow. Gertie gives it her all during the competition, but is her determination enough to win the role as this year's famous groundhog?

Published by Miriam Laundry Publishing.

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