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Jane Fox

Jane Fox is a New York State Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) and co-founder of Nerali.org, a sobriety resource for the Long Island Jewish community. She brings the depth of her experience from living on both sides of the sobriety fence to support groups for family members with loved ones struggling with sobriety.

When Jane left the wealthy enclave she grew up in on Long Island and headed for college in the '70s, she fell into the counterculture's easy access to drugs, leading to addiction. In and out of recovery programs, Jane was finally getting sober at AREBA Casriel Institute in New York City in 1976.

She never lost touch with the recovery community and had many active roles in the industry, including that of TV spokesperson, appearing on the Oprah, Donohue, and Regis shows.

Yet, no one is immune. After fifteen years sober, and now a divorced mom with two young children, she relapsed. It was the climb back and hosting--see Jane Cook (CNBC)--that inspired the writing of The Hungry Mother, Recipes for Recovery & Life in the Kitchen.

The art of eating and cooking was always a central theme in Jane's life and she sustained sobriety by incorporating culinary activities into a simple yet revolutionary approach to long-term recovery. Today, Jane has over 40 years of recovery and has been on a mission to "pass it on" to others in recovery. She offers coaching services on her website, the hungry mothers.com.

Jane is a long-time resident of Sea Cliff and has two grown daughters.

Published Works:

The Hungry Mother, Recipes for Recovery & Life in the Kitchen

The Hungry Mother, Recipes for Recovery and Life in the Kitchen, is part memoir, part recovery advice, and part recipe book, all rolled into one mother's unforgettable journey to sobriety. Jane Fox is unsparingly honest about her years of addiction, her humiliation and shame, and how her love for her children and the rituals of cooking for them, saved her. The author offers a singular message for other mothers in recovery-hope.

Published 2022 by Three Tomatoes.

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