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Donna Penczak

Donna Penczak (Delaney Parks), LMSW is a Social Worker presently living on Long Island, New York.

She received her A.A.S. in Physical Therapist Assistant from Nassau Community College (Garden City, NY), her B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing from Suny @ Albany (Albany, NY) and her M.S.W. from Stonybrook University (Stonybrook, NY.) Ms. Penczak is currently employed as a medical Social Worker in the Case Management department of a local hospital.

Ms. Penczak's past accomplishments include: real estate columnist for a Bronx print newspaper, online blogger of a column on Motherhood, articles published with a comedic edge for an online content publication, and 2 books published via PublishAmerica. She has written a total of 4 books and 3 screenplays.

Published Works:

The Journey to Happily Ever After

In 1971 Wynn Johnson may have been just another poor colored boy living in the projects in Brooklyn but he had a momma and daddy that loved him, basketball which he was darn good at and respect which he got by being a member of the street gang known as the Blades.

Far as he was concerned he had it all. Until one day he came home to find his momma murdered and his daddy hanging on for dear life.

A year later he was living down south in a small rural redneck town called Catfish, Mississippi the place where his daddy grew up, the place where his daddy got those scars on his back, the place his Uncle Earle, his momma's favorite brother and big shot lawyer and member of the Black Muslims begged his daddy not to take him.

Then he met Dee Porter and from the moment he set eyes on her his mind didn't work right while the rest of him had a mind of its own. She weren't nothing like any girl he'd ever known. She made up stories that made him forget where he was and he told her more than he'd ever told anyone before. When he was with her there weren't no other place he'd rather be and when he weren't he wished he was.

And even though his cousin, Percy kept telling him he had to stop seeing her because something bad was going to come of it he wouldn't, he couldn't stop. Even if she was the daughter of the town sheriff… the leader of the local chapter of the KKK.

Published in 2008 by Publish America.

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