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R. Salamone

R. Salamone, author of Sneizel Weazel, Who Needs A Ghoulash With Guts? Manny Does! and Harley the Hippo's Special Swamp, was educated at Queens College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a MFA in Writing.

Married for 38 years, she is a Grandma and loves spending time with her baby Grandson. She writes,"May the joy of reading fill your heart with happiness. Cheers!"

Published Works:

Sneizel Weazel's Christmas Tale!

It's Christmas Eve and a big blizzard has landed in Weazeltown. Will Santa be able to deliver all the toys in the terrible blizzard? Discover how Christmas is saved with some magical help. Published 2023.

Who Needs A Ghoulash With Guts? Manny Does!

Manny Ghoulash is afraid to scare people. With some new scaring techniques, Manny overcomes his fear of scaring people. Humorous fun for Halloween. Published 2023.

Harley the Hippo's Special Swamp

Harley is allergic to water. Discover how Harley turns his problem into a tropical oasis. Published 2023.

A Breakfast Moment! Egg and Friends

Someone threw chopped onions on top of Mr. Egg. He is shedding tears and needs help from some of his friends. In a breakfast moment, we discover the true feelings of some of Mr. Egg's best friends. A dash of charm, a pinch of funny, and a cup load of fun in A Breakfast Moment! Egg and Friends. Published 2022.

Sneizel Weazel

A fun and rhyming story about Sneizel and his best pal, Eagle the Beagle. Published 2022.

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