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Renata Shiloah

Dr. Renata Shiloah, DCN, MS, RD, CDN, RYT, CMT, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, is an accomplished and compassionate Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health with over twenty years' experience. She is also a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner. Dr. Renata practices Reiki honoring the spiritual lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furmoto and Johannes Reindl.

Before receiving her Doctoral Degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens College CUNY and a Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Management from Stony Brook University Medical Center, leading her to become a registered dietitian.

Dr. Renata has been featured in numerous magazines and publications, including Teen Vogue, Prevention, SHAPE, American Dietetic Association Journal, Fitness Magazine, and the Daily News. She's appeared on Good Morning America and UPN Channel 9 News I-Team and was a nutrition spokesperson for Channel 12 News. In addition to her various certifications and accreditations, her wellness programs have received best-practice recognition from the Health Resources and Services Administration and the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.

She welcomes new members to her Facebook group, Nutritionally Speaking with Dr. Renata and hopes you catch her on Tik Tok and Instagram. In addition to writing, Dr. Renata enjoys spending time with her husband, five children, and beautiful granddaughter Lucy. To no surprise, her favorite activities include writing, painting, yoga, meditation, swimming, bike riding, and power walking.

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Published Works:

Me and You Together Forever

Me and You Together Forever is an enchanting story and activity book introducing Lucy, a curious little girl with eyes as bright as the sky, and her grandma, Tata.

Through the magic of reading, Lucy and Tata embark on a heartwarming journey filled with imagination and love. This magical educational series grows alongside your child, highlighting the bond between a grandchild and a grandmother.

Due for release, April 2024.

Poems from the Heart, for Midlife Women

My story began at age twelve when those unpredictable hormones started wreaking havoc on my life. PMS was no picnic, but little did I know that perimenopause would come roaring in like a storm. I hoped everything would return to normal once I hit menopause, but reality hit me hard. Those hormones seemed to be lifelong companions, and I battled severe symptoms for most of my adult life.

This tumultuous journey inspired me to write the self-help book It's Time For A PAUSE. The prospect of entering midlife filled me with dread. Then, one day, my children stumbled upon a hidden treasure—a journal containing a poetry book I had written at age twelve when my hormonal rollercoaster began. Publishing those heartfelt poems had always been a dream of mine, and now that dream has finally materialized.

Poems from the Heart is a collection of emotional verses from my soul, capturing the sadness, highs, and lows I experienced even at that young age. Life can be challenging, especially in midlife. However, I've learned that there's always something we can discover to make each phase worthwhile. For me, becoming a grandmother was a profound blessing during midlife. Using the joy of that experience to guide me toward better emotional well-being and maintaining a healthy diet, exercise routine, and sufficient sleep has been the key to my overall health. I sincerely hope you find solace in this book and discover the one thing that can keep you sane during this stage of life because you deserve to live your best life ever!

Published by Nutritionist4u, Inc., 2024.

It's Time for a PAUSE

It's Time for a PAUSE is for the woman who is ready to get her life back, the woman who has never practiced yoga or meditation, and the woman who gave up. Women deserve to experience their forties, fifties, and beyond feeling fabulous. Just a few tweaks to your daily habits are all it takes! It's never too late to make changes.

I wrote this book for the midlife woman living the life I did before I applied the information from this book to my own life, for the woman suffering needlessly. As women, we face numerous challenges, some harder to deal with than others. We encounter countless obstacles in our families, work, responsibilities, and lack of knowledge and time.

No matter the answer, get into the mindset that you can and will make a change for the better and live the life you deserve by following the simple steps outlined in this book.

It's Time for a PAUSE holds the keys to easing or even eliminating your menopausal symptoms. The book is based on my experiences and that of 16 midlife women, and it contains scientific facts based on integrative therapies' effects on menopausal symptoms. Modern women need options other than conventional treatments, like hormone replacement and medications. Yoga, meditation, and journaling can aid women in reconnecting with their inner selves. These practices can assist with discovering where symptoms stem, making recovery easier. Taking a breath and relaxing our minds help bring us into the present moment, where healing begins.

Published by Nutritionist4u, Inc., 2022.

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