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David Mammina

David V Mammina is an award-winning local author of eleven self-published fiction novels and the creator of an original card game based on his books.

Inspired by a teacher in high school, David's fervor for writing accompanied him through college and seven years as a custodian. Honing his craft through failures and triumphs, he brings his story and passion for writing to readers eager to explore his stories for themselves. He currently teaches history on Long Island.

Published Works:

Death or Volentus: Macabre Masquerade

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Medal. A perfect read for fans of gothic horror, steampunk, and dark fantasy, Death or Volentus tells the story of a villainous figure who is convinced to embark on a perilous mission to rescue his nemesis from a wicked cult.

Volentus is a necromancer able to raise corpses and command them to do his bidding, even leading vast undead armies. While he often plays by his own rules, Volentus finds himself partnering with a skilled vampire who would do anything to save the woman he loves, including slicing off Volentus's head at the slightest hint of betrayal. However, as the formidable pair quickly discover, their assignment will be anything but what they expected.

Self-published, 2023-2024.

Torn Asunder

Following the traumatic end of the Knights Templar, a remnant band of knights in hiding attempt to make a new life for themselves in the eastern Byzantine Empire. Chaperoning merchants and pilgrims through perilous lands in the midst of a brewing war, their mettle is put to the test on a daily basis.

However, this assignment is unlike any other they've taken. Braving infamous clans of assassins and an encroaching army of Ottoman forces, they must escort a girl to safety during a time when their faith is shaken and the girl proves to be more than what she seems.

Self-published, 2022.

Of Freedom, Fear & Fantasy

By the award-winning author of The Angels of Resistance. Over ten years in the making, these unique short stories highlight seven uncanny moments in American history, present—and future. Period pieces to excite, terrify and inspire, Of Freedom, Fear & Fantasy include several short stories told from different perspectives with the sole intention of expanding your horizons.

Find yourself in the middle of epic battles at sea, get lost in the unknown horrors of the Old West, crack macabre cases in noir New York and even lead a risky mission on colonies of the moon. This compilation will teleport you deep within the expanse of your imagination.

Self-published, 2021.

The Redeem the Knight Trilogy

The ultimate and complete edition of the Redeem the Knight series is here. Six hundred years after the assumed apocalypse, the New Vatican has raised an army of holy knights to usher in a rehabilitated world of order and light. Equipped with the Divine Mace and the Armor of God, these knights are exclusively chosen to defend righteousness and crush rebellious evil.

While the holy order sets out to portray a greater example for the rest of the rising world, one of their own falls into darkness. A holy knight has committed terrible sins of vengeance against those allegedly responsible for killing his wife and child. In turn, he has been exiled to Islandia, a nearby island, to live out his days of solitude with only a faithful dog to accompany him. This is the story of a disgraced paladin on a quest for redemption in a troubled world that needs him the most.

Included in this book:
Redeem the Knight: Vol. 1
Redeem the Knight: Vol. 2 Blood Ties
Redeem the Knight: Vol. 3 Eden

Self-published, 2019.

The Protector of Children

The Covert Alliance of Selective Termination is a secret society dedicated to silencing the most dangerous criminals in the country. For decades, this clandestine band of shadow assassins have slain thousands of suspect drug lords, terrorists, serial killers, and everyone in-between. They see themselves as a noble and necessary evil, keeping the United States safe by their theory of "natural justice." But, what if one of their best succumbs to a different kind of fight, one for his own mind?

Vincent Putnam has slain his share of demons, but also battles his share within his mind. Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he suffers from visions and hallucinations that medication can't fix. While a recurring dream names him the "Protector of Children," Putnam still must carry out the most secretive and personal mission of his life. Testing the boundaries of his own sanity, he sets out to uncover the murderer of his beloved mentor, until he meets a young child that changes his life forever.

Self-published, 2015.

The Angels of Resistance

In this dark fantasy epic set in the future, various races and cultures are split by their differences, inhabiting a feudal world. When a demonic army known as the Demon Plague appears from obscurity, spreading darkness and torment, one man must assemble some of the greatest champions to resist the evil force. A war of wills and desperate strategy ensue as the world is held in the balance.

Experience the engrossing story that follows these heroes into the darkness. Join the resistance and find out what it takes to defeat demons.

Self-published, 2012.


In Mammina's Young Adult fairy tale novel, the theories of justice and corruption are tested. This tale is about a ghostly knight named Spirit Warrior who dared to defend his own people against an assortment of villains, including that of an evil corrupt king and a vengeful sorcerer. In a quest to secure justice and peace, Spirit Warrior selflessly challenges all obstacles at once—giving rise to this classic saga.

Self-published, 2009.

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