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M. X. Kane

This first-time author was born & raised on Long Island and has been a Civil War Reenactor (or "Living Historian") for over 22 years.

Inspired by his first visit to Gettysburg, the author embarked on a writing project yielding a three-volume work describing the odyssey of seven modern day Civil War Reenactors as they are kidnapped and forced to live through the actual Battle of Gettysburg.

A blend of historical & science fiction, the trials of the Fighting 21st is not only about the battle and the American Civil war but also the internal struggles in which we all suffer to find true peace.

Published Works:

PERIOD RUSH: Tales of the Fighting 21st (Part 1: Basic Training)

On this special anniversary year, tens of thousands of Civil War Reenactors will simulate the greatest battle of the American Civil War: Gettysburg.

They come to honor those that fought for real and to enjoy the company of others sharing the same passion for history. 'living history'. Seven of these reenactors then cross paths with the mysterious Silas Gray appears with a proposition… and after accepting, these weekend warriors will swiftly learn… You cannot run from history.

PERIOD RUSH: Tales of the Fighting 21st (Part 2: Conscription)

Awaking in the deserted countryside on the early morning of June 29, 1863. Our seven reenactors find themselves split apart into groups of Yanks and Rebs, fully equipped with authentic uniforms, accoutrements, supplies, weapons, a set curiously behaving pocket watches, and a striking silver and green flag emblazoned with the monicker '21st'.

Taken into the ranks of Federal and Confederate regiments, marching towards an obscure, small town in Pennsylvania, they are greeted with a mix of curiosity, suspicion, and outright hostility. It will take not only their knowledge of the time but also every fiber of strength, of body, mind, & soul, to survive in this alien world.

One unanswered question remained: were they sent to save history… or change history? One fact, however, was beyond doubt… PLAYTIME IS OVER.

PERIOD RUSH: Tales of the Fighting 21st (Part 3: Seeing the Elephant)

From the first shot of the Battle of Gettysburg at the crack of dawn on July 1st right through to the bloody crescendo of Pickett's Charge on July 3rd, both the Federal and Confederates fighting under the banner of the 21st will discover their true mettle with Daniel, Nick, Virgil, William, and Zachary fighting in the ranks while Jesse and Elizabeth toil in the charnel house of a Civil War hospital.

Even in this hellish maelstrom of death and despair symbolizing the worst of human existence, the 21st will also witness the best of human nature proven with acts of bravery, generosity, mercy, and sacrifice by their veteran comrades and even by themselves.

And while forging an unbreakable bond of camaraderie unique to war, they will fight their own internal battles with the hope of winning their personal civil war. However, redemption and return will require paying the ultimate price.

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