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Lily Bedell

Lily Bedell is retired and writing children's books. Katy Wilkinson, her daughter, is her illustrator. Life began in a small town named Lake Ronkonkoma in New York. Her books are based on childhood experiences growing up near Lake Ronkonkoma, mid-century. She and her husband, John, raised their three daughters in the same area. Their daughters are raising their children on Long Island also.

Lily graduated from Sachem High School and Suffolk County Community College. Her working career included the Purchasing Department in SUNY Stony Brook as an Assistant Purchasing Agent. Then, she and her husband ran their plumbing business together and also a small tool company where she was the writer and illustrator for product catalogs, ads, user directions, trademark and patent applications, trade show organizing, press releases and press kits. Recreationally, they enjoy road trips, motorcycle rallies and antiquing as they still ride the Harley. They also go on skiing and camping outings with their children and grandchildren. Family, writing and organic gardening are her passions.

Published Works:

Arthur Swift and the Red Sled

This is a story about a young boy's anticipation for a special day of sledding. A storm is on its way. Readers spend an evening with Arthur and his family as they eat dinner and prepare for the snow to begin. It presents a winter vignette of a loving family, consisting of his mother, her brother, (Arthur's uncle), and Arthur's grandmother. It is a wonderful bedtime story!

Bossy Bella

A children's picture book in rhyme telling the story of a little dog named Bossy Bella. She enjoys her world consisting of the yard and garden surrounding the house where Bella lives with a family with two little girls. While following Bella, the reader has glimpses of neighborhood relations. The reader meets Gracie, the mail carrier, Cleo the cat, swaying sunflowers, bathing birds… a squirrel eating a tomato in the garden, the blue butterfly, etc. Bella is the main character and her world in nature is an interesting one. Enjoy the tour!

The Adventures of Lily Raccoon and Cowboy Stub: Halloween Spirits

This is the second book in a series of adventures with Lily Raccoon and Cowboy Stub. It is a week before Halloween when Lily and Toddy determine there are evil spirits in their neighborhood. The story is an exciting adventure as the characters try to eliminate them. Emphasis is on relationships, good Native American spirits and preservation of the environment.

The Adventures of Lily Raccoon and Cowboy Stub: A Raccoon in the Woods

As a child, the author played on the shores of Lake Ronkonkoma in the 1950's. She identifies with this beautiful body of water and land of Native American Indian legends as do her characters. The main characters are imaginative children who are busy exploring the world in which they live. Allow Lily Raccoon and Cowboy Stub to share an adventure with you in the story, A Raccoon in the Woods.

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