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Cindi Sansone Braff

Cindi Sansone-Braff, the Romance Whisperer, talks with the dead to show you how to live well and love better. She was named Best Psychic 2024 by the "Long Island Press."

She is an author, award-winning playwright, relationship and dating expert, mystic, psychic medium, and Tarot-therapist.

She has a BFA from the University of Connecticut and is the author of three spiritual, self-help books, "Grant Me a Higher Love", "Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships", and her latest, "Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic". She was named Best Psychic by the "Long Island Press" five years in a row and has been featured in Cablevision's "Neighborhood Journal," "Newsday," "Daily News," and "Reader's Digest."

She has been heard on radio stations nationwide and hosts a weekly call-in radio show: www.blogtalkradio.com/higher-love. She has been cited as a relationship expert and psychic in many publications and websites, including the "Huffington Post," "BravoTV.com," "Bustle," "Daily Tribune," "Thought Catalog," "Healthline," and "Your Tango." She has thousands of clients who can attest to the accuracy of her readings, and many well-known celebrities are among her biggest fans.

During her career, Cindi has been a professional children's entertainer, dancer, choreographer, director, playwright, and theatrical agent. She has performed in and directed more than ten thousand shows, including a summer-long dance concert sponsored by the city of New York and several university productions. Performing at Lincoln Center as a professional belly dancer with the dance troupe, The Magic Lamp Dancers was the highlight of her dance career. She is also a Hawaiian and Tahitian dancer.

Cindi is a proud member of the Long Island Authors' Group and the Dramatists Guild. Her full-length drama, "A Whole, Empty House," was a finalist in the Robert A. Forest Playwriting Competition. Her full-length romantic comedy, "Angel's Mice and Men," was a finalist in Lodi's National New Play contest and Theatre Festival, produced in 2019 at the Summerfest Theater Festival at the Hudson Guild Theatre in NYC, and published in 2021 by Next Stage Press.

Her full-length drama, "Phantom Pain," was a finalist in Minneapolis's Playwrights Center's Playlab program. Her full-length music drama "Beethoven's Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO" was produced at the BACCA Center on Long Island in 2017 and published by Next Stage Press under the title "Beethoven, The Man, The Myth, The Music."

Her plays, "To the Zoom and Back," "The Karma Bums," and "Welcome to the House of Karma," received staged readings by the Fishlickers Improv group in 2020. "To the Zoom and Back" was a Think Fast Theater Festival 2021 finalist and won the Audience Choice award. "To the Zoom and Back" was published in 2022 in "Borderless Thalia: A Multilingual Comedic Collection," Solis Press, UK. "To the Zoom and Back" was in the 2nd Act Players Spring 2021 Script Competition and received a production.

"No Rest for a Soul" was in the Equity Library Theater Festival Spring 2021, the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Stories Film Festival Spring 2021, and the Think Fast Theater Festival 2023. "The Karma Bums" had a reading from Play Reading with Friends in 2020 and a Zoom production in 2021 by Tomorrow's Classics Theatre Company.

Her radio play, "My Struggle," had a reading at Clifton Public Library in New Jersey in 2021. A monologue from "The Karma Bums" is published in Smith & Kraus's "Best Women's Monologue 2022," and a monologue from "My Struggle" is published in "Best Men's Monologue 2022."

She has directed several of her plays, including "Beethoven's Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO," "Angel's Mice and Men," "To the Zoom and Back," "No Rest for a Soul," "Textual Abuse," and "The Karma Bums." She had a dancing and acting role in "Beethoven's Promethean Concerto in C Minor WoO."

She is a respected theatre critic for "Patch.com," "Smithtown Matters," "The Messenger Papers," and a columnist for "Fire Island News." Along with Debi Toni, she is a founding member of the Long Island theatre group "Tomorrow's Classic Theatre Company."

Visit Cindi's web site at: https://www.grantmeahigherlove.com/

Published Works:

Confessions of a Reluctant Long Island Psychic

Are you feeling that there must be more to life than what you're experiencing with your five senses? Have you been going to or thinking about going to a psychic for some insight into your life? Are you finding yourself more and more drawn to all things metaphysical? Are you wondering about past lives and reincarnation? Are you questioning why you're on Earth in the first place? Do you long to know what your life's mission is?

Do you believe that you have psychic gifts, but you're not sure how to develop them? Are you intrigued by the idea of an afterlife? Are you questioning whether you're getting signs and messages from the Other Side? If you've answered many of the above questions with a yes, then this book is a must-read for you.

Why Good People Can't Leave Bad Relationships

Have you ever wondered how a nice person like yourself became a magnet for louses, lowlifes, lunatics and liars? If so, then this book is definitely a must-read for you. Trust that it will help you with all your relationships, including personal, professional, platonic, and romantic ones. More importantly, this book will help you have a better relationship with God and with yourself.

Be prepared to be shocked as you learn just how bad your so-called good traits can be. To The Good to a Fault People (The Great Enablers), Cindi Sansone-Braff will be seen as their saving grace. To The Self-Serving Narcissists (The Unfixables), she's definitely going to be their worst nightmare. Click on this link to purchase now!

Grant Me a Higher Love: How to Go from the Relationship from Hell to One that's Heaven Sent by Scaling The Ladder of Love

For those readers searching for more meaningful relationships, Grant Me a Higher Love by Cindi Sansone-Braff proves to be a moral compass to divine, powerful love.

This easy-to-follow, nineteen-step program cuts through the myths, false beliefs, and dogma that keep people trapped in unhappy relationships, and can teach anyone how to go from "the relationship from hell" to one that is truly heaven-sent.

Starting from the premise that there are but two paths in life—that of fear and that of love, with wisdom and clarity this book teaches the art of unconditionally loving another with your entire heart, soul, mind, and body. All-encompassing in its scope but simple in its philosophy, this journey to love begins with self-knowledge and inner peace.

Where to Purchase:

Author Web Site: Grant Me a Higher Love.com



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