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John P. Cardone

John P. Cardone is a writer/producer of educational video programs and interactive media programs, working for a variety of clients in healthcare. John has written and produced over five hundred videos, DVDs and interactive CDs in the areas of patient education, employee training, medical education, marketing, and fundraising. In addition, he has authored numerous articles for communication trade journals and has been a guest lecturer at many healthcare conferences.

John received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY. His company, Hospital Video Network, Inc., works with a variety of healthcare and business clients in New York City and Long Island. His over 30 years of experience producing videos in many specialties of medicine has brought him a unique blend of sensitivities concerning illness, hope, loss, stress, and the amazing human quality—the will to live. He creatively works to incorporate these sensitivities into each book project.

In 2007, John saw the need for an organization to help local authors increase their visibility and promote their published books. He founded the Long Island Authors Group (LIAG) in early 2008 and has served on the Board of Directors in various roles. He is very active with the Group conducting events, developing book talk programs, and educational seminars.

John has been working at promoting his writing and his books in the LI marketplace. He has been featured in Newsday, Suffolk Life and the Huntington Edition of the Times Beacon Record. He has also appeared on Cablevision's Our Town TV show in Riverhead, has been interviewed on The Eclectic Café radio show with award winning host Bonnie Grice for the public radio station in Southampton, NY, and participated in a TV interview about the Long Island Authors Group for The Writer's Dream which airs on many Cablevision channels.

He has been invited to speak at the Survivorship Meeting of the Long Island Chapter of the National Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, numerous public libraries, the Clark Botanic Garden, the Nassau County Hiking and Outdoor Club, the Holtsville Wildlife & Ecology Center, the Great South Bay Audubon Society, and the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge among other centers and organizations. John's nature photographs, most of which have been taken while kayaking LI waters, have been exhibited at art shows with the Northport Arts Coalition, the Good Ground Artists out of Hampton Bays, the Islip Arts Council, the Art League of Long Island, Levittown Library, Sachem Library, Connetquot Library, Half Hollow Hills Library among others.

John grew up in Astoria, New York moving to Long Island after his military service in 1970. He resides in Ronkonkoma with his wife, Kathy. They have two children and five wonderful grandchildren. In addition to writing, John teaches wildlife photography at two Long Island art centers and runs a writing workshop entitled, "The Art of Writing With Pictures." Outside of writing & photography, he enjoys a variety of activities, including kayaking, beach volleyball, biking, swing dancing, and is determined to someday play jazz on the piano.

Published Works:

The Vision Experiments

All speech pathologist, Dr. Melissa Speyer hoped for, was to help her pediatric patient Jason overcome his speech and language difficulties. Instead, she finds herself on a journey where seeing into the future brings new meaning to having a vision. All while her partner, Professor William Clarkson finds himself caught between his love for her and his career ambitions.

Enter a wealthy real estate mogul whose desire for fame creates a race to uncover the secrets of history's greats at the expense of innocent people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can two savvy LA Homicide Detectives, with the help of an FBI Agent, uncover the apparent murders of a serial killer or are they distracted by the evidence at hand?

The Vision Experiments has it all; murder, sex, violence, greed, love, betrayal, and mystery. All in a fast paced, page-turning tale taking place from coast to coast of the United States.

Here's what they're saying about the book…

This fast-paced blend of mystery, thriller, and detective story is brimming with curiosity and enthusiasm. - Booklife Reviews

This is one excellent, mind-grabbing story. A great book. - Russ Moran, author of The Gray Ship

An entertaining thriller with a unique premise. - Times Beacon Record Newspapers

The Healing Power of Nature: A Practical Exploration of How Nature can Influence our Health and Well-being

The Healing Power of Nature is a practical exploration on how spending time with nature can influence a person's health & well-being.

Along the way, John calls on over 30 years as a patient & health education video producer, his own fight with illness, and his years as a lover of the outdoors, while presenting scientific facts. Enjoy John's waterscape and wildlife photographs while discovering how to reconnect with nature.

Learn about which nature we are referring to, the importance of calming your mind, the health benefits of the outdoors, happiness & the restorative advantage of nature, and why it is especially important to share this spirit with children—all of which will inspire you to spend more time with nature.


Waterviews is a collection of photographs, thoughts, and experiences acquired while kayaking the Carman's and Connetquot Rivers, and the Setauket and Orient Harbors of Long Island, New York. It contains over 75 scenic and wildlife photographs, most snapped from the unique vantage point of a kayak floating on top of the water.

Topics written about include, the science of waterway formation, locations and tours of the waters, Long Island history, photography, and information about kayak basics, techniques, and safety. Waterviews also explores subjects that surface when out on a paddle such as, happiness, relaxation, sickness, loss, and friendship. Throw in some funny stories and you'll find kayaking is not always serious business. The take-home messages include, live a happy life, appreciate nature around you, protect and preserve the waterways, and take time to visit and see our natural surroundings.

"In Waterviews, Cardone takes us along, on an informative and enjoyable excursion into a Long Island that most never see." John Hanc, Newsday writer on the outdoors and local history, author of Jones Beach: An Illustrated History

"The photographs framed in Waterviews often resemble delicate, fine art paintings, and along with Cardone's educational text, they create a revealing portrait of Long Island waters. A gem of a book!" Gloria Golden, photographer and author of the award winning photobook, Desaturated Soul

"Reading Waterviews is the next best thing to actually paddling a kayak. The book is a must-read for paddlers, nature-lovers, and Long Island locals alike!" Kevin Stiegelmaier Outdoorsman & kayaking instructor, author of Canoeing and Kayaking New York

Listen in to a radio interview of author/photographer John P. Cardone by Neil Gándara, Family Radio's Public Affairs Director that aired on WFRS 88.9 FM. John answers questions about the Long Island Authors Group, as well as his newest book, Waterviews.

For more information on Waterviews, visit www.WaterviewsBook.com

TALES UNDER A FULL MOON: A Collection of Short Stories

A collection of seven modern day short stories that without a doubt clearly fall under a full moon—when people act strangely and weird things happen. Escape into the lives of ordinary people, who, for one reason or another, find themselves caught up in the events of the moment. Rich with likable characters oftentimes pushed to their limits, these stories will capture your attention and your heart. While the stories go in one direction, the conclusions always have a twist that will land you in the unexpected.

"Engaging short stories with unique presentations" ArmchairInterviews.com

"A fun read with some amazing stories" BookReview.com

Listen to John P. Cardone's Book Talk podcast interview by Peter Ward of the Lindenhurst Memorial Library—a discussion of the author's collection of short stories entitled, Tales Under A Full Moon. Here's the audio podcast, now a YouTube video. Enjoy!


Dr. Elaine Edwards was looking forward to her career as medical director of the Golden Shores Nursing Home. Little did she know she would be thrust into a world of drugs, mystery, and death. She finds herself an unlikely partner to a street-tough, retired New York City detective. Together, they set off to learn why his brother, and other residents at one of Long Island's prestigious nursing homes, ended up suddenly dying. Jason Briggs and his pharmaceutical moguls have other plans, and a future filled with greed and selfish wants. It's more than a story about good versus evil, it is a story of compassion versus greed.

"A timely mystery that hits a sweet spot" Midwest Book Review

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