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Vincent Casale

Vincent Casale was born in East Harlem, New York City. He was raised in Queens N.Y. and upon graduating from Hillcrest High School he fell into a succession of jobs including film expeditor for Movie Lab, bartending in Penn Station, and driving for a private car service.

In 1984 Casale joined the ranks of the NYPD. He patrolled the various neighborhoods in Queens before he was assigned to the departments Movie Unit in 1989. Vincent resides on Long Island with his family.

Published Works:

Casualties of Divorce

In The Game of War, as it applies to divorce, there is never a single victor. The spouses, who have borne the entire toll, their children, who suffer emotional confusion as they watch their families fall apart, and the collateral damage which reaches far beyond the immediate family; those relationships are transformed or lost forever.

The Casualties of Divorce offers a front row seat to the turmoil endured by all when two adults decide to end their marriage for whatever reason.

The book explores the different perspectives and experiences as told by dozens of persons who have proverbially "walked the walk" amongst different degrees of separation. It is intended to provide the reader with the understanding that they are not alone, their feelings are valid and that "This Too Shall Pass".

Co-authored by three casualties of divorce, this book will enlighten those who are contemplating divorce and comfort those who have survived one.

The Coparazzi

In 1989 Patrolmen Vincent Casale was transferred to his dream assignment, the NYPD Movie Unit. The unit had the responsibility to assist and the motion picture industry while they filmed on the streets of N.Y. Officer Casale found himself smack in the middle of New York film-making. Lights! Camera! Action! Movie stars! A life long film fanatic Casale was over the moon! But were the stars in his eyes too bright? Was the world of film-making as glamorous and exciting as he thought? Publisher: CreateSpace, 2012.

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