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Anne Coltman

Anne Coltman was born in British Guiana (Guyana) which was at that time a colony in South America and was privileged to grow up in a household that included her maternal grandmother. She is the second of five children and the first girl born to her parents, and was often called upon at an early age to help out with her younger siblings.

Anne became fascinated by the myths and beliefs that were a part of child rearing and taught to her by her grandmother. She is the mother of two daughters and one son. Practicing what she learned from her grandmother with her own children and then with her grandchildren has inspired the writing of her debut volume of poetry, For the Love of Grandma.

Anne migrated to the United States as a young woman with her family and spent her early years having a full career while she and her husband raised their three children. After twenty-five years in permanent mission at the United Nations Organization she is now retired to devote more time to family and her passion for writing.

She has produced a comprehensive family history as well two novels, Scarred with Fortune and The Mute's Masquerade, and two books of poetry, For the Love of Grandma and Charming Expressions: Capturing Life, Recalling Times and Enjoying Nature.

Anne enjoys writing, classical music, theater, and antiques. She and her husband reside on Long Island, New York.

Published Works:

Motifs in the Passage of Time

In this anthology, the author's biographical essays recall growing up in an age of innocence and enjoying the simple pleasures of a laid-back life in the tropics. These essays chronicle a few important periods of her early childhood and later the recognition of a new life in seasons after migrating. She also reflects on the pandemic of 2020 and its similarity to stories she heard as a child.

These essays are followed by short stories of courage, love, betrayal, loss and faith as well as an impressive variety of poetry expressed in a lively combination of rhyme and free verse.

The Mute's Masquerade

Alistair Collins never wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, something that greatly disappointed the elder Major Collins, a patriotic officer in the British Fusiliers. A talented musician like his mother, Alistair looked forward to a successful career in music. But when tragedy struck at home, grief mixed with guilt and despair changed the course of the musician's life and propelled him into the army and to a war that give rise to a man he no longer knew.

His struggle to regain his career and sanity in the aftermath of an unfortunate accident in the Gulf War and his constant battle with post-traumatic stress disorder added to the agony of his life. Forced to live in silence, his life had no meaning until his accidental encounter with the young talented musician Yvee Benton.

Poignant and powerful, The Mute's Masquerade is an amazing insight into the results of PTSD and the unique effect of music and what it means to find tranquility in the midst of despair, contentment through a game of charade, and an everlasting hunger for life's unending song.

Charming Expressions: Capturing Life, Recalling Times and Enjoying Nature

Anne Coltman captures events of life and recalls changing times in poetry that touches the soul and awakes the senses. Her insight into the effects of nature springs to life as she expresses her enjoyment of the change in seasons in poetry. This inspiring collection is an entertaining and heartwarming look at poetry at its best.

For the Love of Grandma

For the Love of Grandma is a collection of verse that is a record of the author's thoughts and experiences that not only preserves a long-lost tradition, but also reflects on the drastic change in the role of grandmothers today and grandchildren of this age. It touches on the differences between contemporary grandmothers and those of the past as well as the importance of faith in child rearing and the authors own amusing experiences which will delight her readers.

Scarred with Fortune

Fiona Leighton grew up in a middle-class family with conservative parents who were very proud of their only daughter. She was secretly in love with Steven Brimm whose upper-class family was very influential in social circles. The two teenagers graduated high school together, but their lives took different and unexpected paths.

While he enjoyed the freedom of young adult life, she suffered a lot of heartache and embarrassment, which had an enormous effect on her life as well as that of her family. This placed her in a compromised position, and her life took on a new dimension.

Even though they were worlds apart, they shared a common bond that Fiona kept furtively locked up in her heart, fiercely guarding her privacy and her family. But when fate brought her into contact with the legacy of Steven Brimm years later, Fiona knew that her family would have a battle with an evil enemy.

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