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Dorothy McPartland

Dorothy enjoys living on Long Island and exploring the coastline beach by beach. She enhanced her early childhood education studies with a variety of art classes and developed her own creative style. As an avid stargazer she combined her talents, writing and illustrating Wishing Stars. This mix supports her mission to help people rediscover childhood wonder and joy.

Wishing Stars Art, Dorothy's art business, was inspired by the book. Painting her way through the story allowed her to share talents in new ways. She believes art sparks conversations that lead to dynamic relationships. Her patrons connect with paintings on a personal level, and understand there is more to life than meets the eye. Look up into the night sky and there's no question of this magical force.

Her workshop, Sparking Creativity, engages participants in a variety of activities designed to unlock fresh inspiration and add a new perspective.

Wishing on stars is one of our first childhood memories. Wishing Stars encourages readers of all ages to consider their place in the universe. You are made of stars! Embrace celestial magic and make your wishes come true.

Published Works:

Wishing Stars

"When you wish on a star in the early eve…" begins a whimsical wondering about the art of star wishing. A lovely introduction to star-gazing offers all ages a reminder to be dazzled by the night sky.

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