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Natasha Guruleva

Natasha Guruleva is an award winning independent writer-artist-filmmaker. She was born in Vladivostok, Russia, where she worked for the state TV and Radio Company as a broadcaster, reporter, writer, producer and director.

She has written over 200 articles, theatre reviews and essays, which appeared in various national and local publications. Her 1-hour programs were aired once a week. She produced, wrote and directed 50 bi-weekly series called "Memorial", the first to uncover the suppressed stories of the victims of Stalin's repressions and their families.

In the US, she made her debut in digital media–Natasha has written, directed and produced 9 independent films. Her movies were screened at Film Festivals, she works with such distributors as Cinema Guild, Pathfinder Pictures, Goliath Productions, Galloping Films. Natasha also writes for "Films in Review."

She has written and produced numerous books (fairy tales, fables, poetry). Her animated series "Herbert in Mushroomland" were included in TV children's programming nation-wide. In her creative works she is trying to convey a thought about the beauty, magic and validity of all living things, all beings, about us, humans, being a part of a much, much bigger world, about love and awareness.

To learn more about Natasha's work, visit her web site: www.mushroomland.net

Published Works:


This book is a collection of photographs of flowers blooming in New York.

Mushrooms Photo Gallery

The Mysterious World of Mushrooms album is a collection of mushroom photographs that grow on Long Island in New York State.

The Gardener

The Gardener is a collection of poetic and visual meditation on gardening and flower life. It is a prited version of the artist's book.

I Am the Door

I Am the Door is a collection of philosophical poetry, photographically illustrated. Each spread has a poem and a relevant photograph.


This is a collection of sky-ocean inspired haiku, photographically illustrated, preluded by a fable about a rock and a wave - on eternal love.

The Songs of Skylark

This is a collection of haiku dedicated to flowers and trees. Love is a theme of the first fable.

The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker is a short fairy tale story about our interdependence in creating Beauty.

Furry-tales & Meowmoirs

This is a collection of true stories about remarkable animals whose actions or simple presence changed lives of their human companions.

The Tale of Two Nuts

Two acorns Leafy and Branchy don't want to root and become oak trees. They run away.

Fairy and Boogieman

Boogieman falls in love with a fairy that stays in Mushroomland. Mushrooms help Boogieman transform into a more presentable being to meet the fairy.

Violet and Spotty Fly South

The butterfly and ladybug are in trouble while migrating south for winter. They help each other and become best friends. Violet and Spotty Fly South delivers a message that life's journey is best traveled with a best friend.

The Prince

Curvy, the snail knew that she was destined to find her prince. She heard that princes hide under the frogs' skins… This is a fairy-tale from Mushroomland Series.


Let nature take its course - that's the main idea of this fable on patience.

Dandelion Princess

Beauty and joy are gifts for everyone. Dandelion Princess relates the thought that beauty and joy are openly hidden everywhere.

I Wish

Sometimes people have a hard time expressing their feelings. When simple "I love you" just wouldn't do the job, ask the pink frog for help.

The Rock Story

The Rock Story is a children's book about self-esteem and self discovery. It also tells kids about the world of rocks and crystals.


This is a fairy tale picture book on self-esteem and self discovery for children.

Pushy and Tushy Discover Home

This is a children's book about adventures of two albino frogs, based on a true story. Pushy and Tushy Discover Home is a tale about tolerance and acceptance, challenges of being different and value of true belonging.

Shroom Rhymes

Shroom Rhymes is a collection of fun poems where Mushroomland characters introduce themselves.

On the Wings of Butterflies

This is a third book from Mushroomland Series. Herbert and his mushroom friends are invited for a tea party to Butterfly Empire. But before the tea is served they travel on a flying carpet and get captured by a spider.

Adventures of Herbert and His Friends in Flower Kingdom

Princess Lily disappeared. To solve this mystery Flower Kingdom invites little mushrooms and Herbert. This is a second adventure of Herbert and his mushroom friends. They discover other lands and kingdoms of Nature.

Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroom Land

Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroom Land is a unique photo-illustrated fairytale about a transformation of one boy's personality. It's a story about honesty and honor, about true friendship and the purity of childhood. The deeper human truth is we are all one.

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