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Sandy Lanton

Sandy Lanton, a former teacher, earned a BS in Psychology and an MS in Early Childhood Education from Queens College.

She is the author of The Happy Hackers, Lots Of Latkes, Daddy's Chair, and many more.

Her work has appeared in magazines as well as several anthologies. When she isn't writing stories or visiting schools, Ms. Lanton likes to play bridge, crochet, or read, read, read. The Lanton family lives on Long Island.

To book Sandy Lanton as a guest speaker or for a book signing or author night, visit her website at www.sandylanton.com.

Published Works:

The Littlest Levine

Hannah was too little to reach the sink by herself, too little to tie her own shoelaces, and too little to ride the big yellow school bus. At holiday time it was even worse. Dad had to lift her up to hang her decorations in the sukkah, Grandma had to help her light the Hanukkah candles, Mom had to put her hamentashen in the oven and she wasn't allowed near the stove to put her matzoh balls in the soup. Grandpa kept promising that her time would come. And with his help, she loved being The Littlest Levine.

The Happy Hackers

The Happy Hackers is about a boy who uses his computer to set a trap for a thief. The main character is in 8th grade, but it is written at a 4th grade level for "reluctant readers" and ESL students.

Lots Of Latkes

Lots Of Latkes, illustrated by Vicki Jo Redenbaugh is a Hanukkah story. Long ago in a faraway village, an old woman invites her friends to a Hanukkah dinner. Each guest plans to bring something to share-sour cream, applesauce, fish, and jelly doughnuts-but a series of mishaps results in each of them contributing latkes instead. The friends have a good time anyway, celebrating the holiday with a dreidel, songs, dancing-and lots of latkes. Cartoon illustrations in soft colors are appropriate for the lighthearted story. Use this as a read-aloud in library, family, and Jewish school settings.

Daddy's Chair

Daddy's Chair, illustrated by Shelly Haas, is a tender book, for children ages 4-8, that handles the death of a young parent with great sensitivity, focusing on the theme of remembrance. Little Michael at first denies his father's death and refuses to let anyone sit in his father's chair, but later he becomes reconciled and finds comfort in the chair.

Touching, powerful book... beautifully produced…—The Washington Post

Sensitively explains the mourning rituals in words the very young reader will understand. Daddy's Chair received the Sydney Taylor Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries.—Hadassah Magazine

A well-done book on a difficult subject.—School Library Journal

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