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Ron Scott

Ron Scott is an author who wears two hats: novelist and poet. He is a member of the Long Island Authors Group and Long Island Writers' Guild. in addition to Executive Vice President of the Nassau County Poet Laureate Society.

Ron's work has appeared in various publications throughout the region, First Prize Poetyr Magzine 2007, The North Scene Poetry Scene 2007,2008,and 2009, Balance Moving Forward 2009, and in Newsday.

Published Works:

Twelve Fifteen

1993—After 25 years of exile in Vietnam, James Curtis returns to the United States with a vengeance. He brings with him skills acquired surviving in the underbelly of black-marketing, extortion and murder. His mission is revenge. James Curtis is an expert at manipulation and recruits old friendships as he evades the law while staying on mission. He becomes the primary target of two senior FBI agents as they follow his blood trails cross country.

Who is his target? Join in the chase as you turn the pages.

Face of the Enemy

Two men from opposite backgrounds find themselves victims of circumstance—the Vietnam War. Brett Edwards, married, college graduate, retail executive, living in suburban New York. James Curtis, single, high school dropout, youthful offender hardened by the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey. Both men receive a letter that will change their lives.

James, given the choice, join the army or serve hard time in prison. Brett, accustomed to years of draft deferments, unexpectedly receives the letter. The men forge a friendship. James credits fate with this new friendship and attaches fearful premonitions to preserving that friendship.

When they enter the Vietnam War Zone, there is only one priority—survival. The right to go home is earned. To earn that right, Brett and James struggle against the threat of losing their souls, the disease of Vietnam.

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